Poster sizes

Women compare XL and XS sizes of the same clothes, and their videos go viral

Content creator Kristina Zias is a size XL/XXL, and she’s on a mission to find clothes that fit her. To help other women navigate the complex maze of clothing sizing, Kristina also shows what she looks like in the pieces she buys. This often comes in the form of an outfit comparison with her friends who have different body types.

Together they shop at Zara, Aritzia and other popular spots, and the contrast in the finished look, even though they’re supposed to give off the same vibe, often shows that the same clothes can look different on different body types.

Once in a while, Kristina gets a mean comment, but she doesn’t let the mean words get to her. “The only way to become more confident is to accept your insecurities,” Kristina says in one of her TikToks. “For me, I’ve always been so insecure about my stomach. And then I realised, ‘Guess what? I can show up in a low-waisted bikini, let my belly hang down, show my stretch marks, and the world is no more. not going to finish.’ And if somebody has a problem with my stomach, well f**k them. That says a lot more about them than me.”

However, most of the reactions to her videos are positive, with many thanking Kristina for portraying them and talking about the struggles of shopping for clothes.

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