Welcome to Blumhouse Season 2 Posters Tease Four New Horror Movies on Amazon Prime Video


October is approaching and you know that only means one thing: horror movies everywhere! For Amazon Prime Video, this also means a second run for their Jason blum project Welcome to the Blumhouse, a collection of mind-boggling thrillers developed and produced with original genre storytelling in mind. Much like last year, the idea is to release platform-exclusive horror and thriller films throughout the month, and viewers just have to sit down and start their movie night. scary.

Last year, the Amazon Originals released via Welcome to the Blumhouse were The lie, Black Box, Evil eye, and Nocturnal. All tracks were produced by Jason Blum’s production company, Blumhouse. This year, the four new titles announced will follow the same pattern and, as you would expect, the posters reveal that there is something spooky lurking in all of them.


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Bingo hell is a horror comedy that follows a group of old people who band together to stop a sinister character who threatens residents of a low-income community. It gets more serious when the people of Oak Springs start to be dead in weird ways. Bingo hell is led by Gigi Saul Guerrero and stars Adriana barraza, L. Scott Caldwell, Richard Brake, and Joshua Caleb Johnson.

Described as an action-horror hybrid with a strong social conscience and a biting sense of humor, Black as the night tells the story of a teenage girl who decides to go after vampires after they begin to claim victims in New Orleans. She enlists the help of her friends to hatch a daring plan to infiltrate the vampire mansion, destroy their leader, and restore her fanged followers to their human form. Easy to live. Black as the night is led by Maritte Lee Go and stars Asjha Cooper, Fabrice Guido, mason Beauchamp, Abbie gayle, Craig tate, and Keith david.

Madres follows a young Mexican couple expecting their first child in the 1970s in California. As the father spends most of his time at work, the mother begins to have nightmares and ends up unraveling dark secrets of the house she is in, and they can put the lives of her entire family in danger. Madres is led by Ryan zarazoga and stars Tenoch Huerta, Ariana Guerra, Evelyne Gonzalez, Kerry Cahill, and Elpidia Carrillo.

The manor Gothic horror goes inside the walls of Golden Sun, an assisted living facility that turns from priceless to spooky when its residents begin to mysteriously die. One resident, in particular, begins to have nightmares and suspects that a malicious force is acting on the mansion, but her opinions are seen as a sign of insanity by everyone. The manor is written and directed by Axelle carolyn and stars Barbara hershey, Bruce davison, Nicolas alexandre, Jill larsen, Fran bennett, and Katie Amanda Keane.

Bingo hell and Black as the night releases on Amazon Prime Video on October 1. Madres and The manor are scheduled to premiere a week later on October 8. You can check out the spooky posters below:





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