Virtual Minecraft Studio: Pixel Art Poster Design (8-10 years old) at MODA – March 22, 2021


Virtual Minecraft Studio: Pixel Art Poster Design
This virtual Minecraft Studio for ages 8-10 will take place on Monday, March 22 from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST.
Do you like art, memes and graphics? Join us for a creative course that challenges participants to apply the principles of art and design to Minecraft creations. Use the design process and coding to create pixel art, map art, memes, etc. Have fun collaborating with other young Minecraft creatives. This workshop builds creative confidence, visual analysis skills, collaboration and community. Participants will need access to Minecraft Java Edition to participate in this course. The Java edition is only compatible with Macs and PCs. Chromebooks, tablets, and phones won’t work.
Tuition fees
$ 25 / MODA members receive 10% off this price (see info below)
Registered siblings will receive an automatic 10% discount.

* MODA Members Please Note: Before registering, please contact Thomas Hayes at [email protected] to receive your discount code!

Camp discounts only apply to MODA Friend & Family level memberships or above, starting at $ 10 / month or $ 140 / year and above. Membership terms will be extended to provide members with a full year of museum admission.
For more information on memberships or to join, visit our Membership web page or contact [email protected]

Brigid Drozda has been a design trainer at MODA for five years. In her classes, she focuses on online affinity spaces, design thinking and CAD design. His favorite virtual design platforms are Minecraft, Roblox Studio, and Bloxburg. She is also a specialist in reading and a tutor specializing in executive functioning.

Digital citizenship and the campMODA community
MODA camps give children a chance to explore their interests and try out different roles. We work to empower campers by giving them choices, both to practice the skills they already have and to learn new ones.
Our camp will create a new digital community for your camper. Knowing how to be a good member of the community is essential. We expect campers to be respectful members of the community and to engage in respectful communication, even (or especially) with those who are very different from them. Honoring these differences is the key to digital citizenship.
We are committed to creating camp environments in which campers respect and learn from each other.

Basic rules
This class is a creative learning environment. All registrants agree:
be respectful of others in all circumstances
engage in collaborative practices with campers and instructors
to use only appropriate language in verbal and written conversations
use the chat box for learning and socializing purposes
do not spam the chat box
not to troll other participants and / or their creations
MODA reserves the right to immediately remove any participant if they engage in conduct that detracts from the experiences of other participants and is not in line with the purpose of the course.
Let’s keep it fun and educational! Please share this information with your young designer!

Zoom details and cancellation policy
You will receive the link to join this studio by email approximately 30 minutes before it starts. Please note: registration for this design studio ends one hour before the start of the studio.
If the studio has less than three students enrolled, MODA reserves the right to cancel the studio, especially if it is a studio that includes peer collaboration. These studios are great ways for friends to meet and learn together virtually! If we need to cancel, we will contact you at least thirty minutes before the studio.
If we cancel this studio, we will give you a full refund. If you need to cancel, we will give you a credit which will allow you to register at another MODA studio. We design our offerings so that your learner can acquire knowledge and skills across multiple platforms and areas. There are a lot of options to choose from!
Need help choosing a studio? Please send us a message and we will help you create a personalized program for your learner.

Bright from the Start Exemption:
This program is not licensed by Bright from the Start: Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning and is not required to be licensed. Bright from the Start does not regulate or inspect this program on a regular basis. For more information, visit or call 404.657.5562.

Special needs:
Young designers with different learning styles or special learning needs are welcome in MODA education programs. We will be able to more effectively help your young designer learn and benefit from this experience if we know these needs. Please email Thomas at [email protected] with questions or information.
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