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A new trailer and two posters have been released for the action-adventure fantasy film Alpha fault. The film was written and directed by the filmmaker Dan Lantz (Bloodthirsty Zombies, Blood runners), and it follows a Dungeons & Dragons fan that sticks out his head with a legacy he could never have dreamed of.

Movie stars Villa Aaron Dalla like Nolan, with Lance Henriksen, Richel nielsen, Philippe N. Williams, Graham Wolfe, Allyson malandra, and Pierre Patrikios.

Here’s the full synopsis:

Nolan Parthmore (Aaron Dalla Villa) was just an ordinary guy, hanging out with friends, working in his game store, flirting with his coworker, but one day fate came to call him. A courier delivers a mysterious ancient helmet without a note or description. When Nolan puts it on, his whole world changes. The helmet comes to life and summons an evil demon, Lord Dragsmere, who has been imprisoned by Nolan’s late father. Nolan soon discovers that he is the next in line, heir to The Nobleman, destined to become a hero whether he likes it or not. Since the Dark Ages, the nobles have been the guardians of the 13 Devil’s Apostles: Dark forces have escaped from Hell and have been unleashed on earth. Generations later, it is the heirs of these original knights who possess the power to unlock the Alpha Rift: the only defense against these supernatural enemies.

It sounds pretty cheesy, but it’s likely to be a fun movie for kids who love D&D, or for people who grew up loving tabletop games. Check out the movie trailer and posters below and watch Alpha fault in select US theaters and on demand November 19.

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