The Wall Street Journal mocked after publishing Trump’s 2020 election rant


The Wall Street Journal Wednesday published a letter to the editor of former President Donald Trump containing a multitude of lies that have been verified by the newspaper and other publications.

Trump’s letter was in response to a Monday editorial on the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court. The editorial said, in fact, that President Biden won Pennsylvania in 2020 by 80,555 ballots, which sparked Trump. “Well, in fact, the election was rigged, which unfortunately you still haven’t figured out,” Trump wrote.

He then made several false statements about voting in Pennsylvania, including that “120,000 surplus voters are yet to be counted by the Pennsylvania State Department – far more votes than voters!” ” It was demystified through The Philadelphia InvestigatorJonathan Lai in January, who wrote that state GOP lawmakers provided that number after reviewing incomplete data, calculating that nearly 7 million votes were cast but not quite 6.8 million. voters participated in the election. Philadelphia, Allegheny, Butler and Cambria counties had not uploaded all of their voter history data, the Pennsylvania State Department said in a statement, adding, “We don’t know exactly what data and what that lawmakers have actually done to offer this so-called “analysis”. “

There was a rapid setback against Trump’s letter and the Newspaperdecision to publish it, with Jonathan Tamari, on Applicantnational political writer of, Tweeter, “It’s full of absolute lies – from the first point down.” The Washington Postby Glenn Kessler demand, “Why would they publish, without analysis, a lot of stuff that[‘s] already been verified as false? “

Amanda Carpenter, Republican Voting Director and Columnist at The rampart, called Trump’s missive “garbage.” By allowing Trump to spit out “election lies” in a letter to the editor, the Newspaper was able to “avoid taking responsibility,” Carpenter said, adding: “Trump couldn’t post this on Facebook, but the editors of the WSJ collectively decided to put it on their platform. Think about it. “

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