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The I Am Groot series receives colorful posters for each episode

Marvel Studios has released official posters for all five episodes of I am Groot, a new Marvel Cinematic Universe series with Baby Groot-sized episodes. Featuring the cutest member of Guardians of the Galaxy (voiced by Wine Diesel), each episode of I am Groot tells a self-contained story that takes place before and after the main events of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

At the end of the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie, Groot sacrifices himself to save his teammates. Devastated by the loss of his friend, Rocket Raccoon (voiced by bradley cooper) collects a branch from Groot, plants it, and cares for it until a new baby is born. Baby Groot appears in the first film’s post-credit scene and returns in the franchise’s second film, winning our collective hearts with his charming personality. Sure, Baby Groot has already grown up in the MCU, but he’s just too cute to let us down. Thus, Marvel Studios extends the guardians of the galaxy universe with five new stories centered on Baby Groot.


The new posters reveal more details about I am Groot, each art being dedicated to a different episode. The first poster for “Groot’s First Steps” features the tree hero still in his flowerpot before learning to walk with his roots. The second poster, for the episode “The Little Guy”, shows Groot discovering a civilization of tiny creatures under a rock. For the poster for the episode “Groot’s Pursuit,” Marvel Studios tapped into horror to show a menacing shadow of Groot lying on the ground. Things relax once again with the poster of “Groot takes a bath”, an episode dedicated to the little hero who takes time for himself. Finally, the final poster announces that Groot will create his “Magnum Opus” with various items he finds aboard the Guardians’ ship.

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After starring in his own series, Groot will reunite with all of the Guardians of the Galaxy for a holiday special and a new movie. As Collider revealed from SDCC 2022, the upcoming movie will feature a baby version of Rocket Raccoon (voiced by bradley cooper), promising to tell the origin story of the animal-machine hybrid. So Baby Groot might have fierce competition for the cutest cosmic hero position.

I am Groot is available now on Disney+. The next chapter in the Guardians of the Galaxy adventures is set to be the holiday special written and directed by james gunn, which is slated for release on Disney+ this year. So, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will hit theaters in May 2023.

Check out the new posters and trailer for the series below.