The Batman Releases New Character Posters, Teases Riddler Theme Music

Along with the new posters also comes the announcement that The Riddler’s theme music will be released on Friday.

Image via Warner Bros.

January has come and gone, which means we’re almost a month away from The Batmanthe exit. Marketing has started to heat up on this highly anticipated film and to mark the new month, Warner Brothers Pictures has released a series of new character posters that will give all Dark Knight fans even more motivation. Matt Reeves– film made.

The four posters are from Paul Danoit’s the Riddler, Robert Pattinsonit’s batmanZoe Kravitzis Catwoman, and Colin Farrel‘s The Penguin with the slogan “Unmask the Truth” smeared across their scratched red ink portraits. This is similar to other posters, but the black and white nature makes the darkness of the odd statement even more apparent and really highlights the moral dullness of this upcoming noir sleuth story. Batman, Penguin, and Catwoman all seem to have something in common in these posters. Much like in the last fiery orange poster, Riddler’s custom question mark looms on every corner of Gotham.


We know that Riddler’s main target is Bruce Wayne and that a major Wayne family secret is at the heart of this crime thriller, but it’ll be interesting to see what kind of dirt this walking riddle has on Catwoman and Penguin. Catwoman is no stranger to working with villains, especially when it comes to live-action movies, so the question leading up to the film’s release is whose side is she really on?

Image via Warner Bros.

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However, that being said, The Riddler is still the star of the show here. In the poster, he’s literally leaning over the edge of a roof like he’s doing his best Batman impression and his piercing eyes are peering into your soul. There have been hints and hints throughout that Riddler has some sort of personal connection to Bruce. It’s really starting to look like, whatever that connection is, it’s one fueled by obsessive jealousy.

All the clues and hidden messages don’t stop there as director Matt Reeves also announced that the theme music for The Riddler (composed by Michael Giacchino) releases Friday, February 4. If that sounds like his Batman theme, fans are in for a treat. The Riddler’s Revenge Countdown Officially Kicks Off As The Batman finally hits theaters exclusively on March 4, 2022.

Check out Reeves’ tweet and new character posters below.

Image via Warner Bros. Pictures

Image via Warner Bros. Pictures

Image via Warner Bros. Pictures

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