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Someone created a Wordle… for posters

Ah, Wordle. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the online pun that went viral earlier this year. Since it became popular, there have been a number of different variations of the game – and I just found my favorite.

You know us, we love a good poster here at Creative Bloq. So when I heard about the x Worldle poster mash-up, Posterdle, I couldn’t contain my excitement. The game challenges players to guess a movie poster from a blurry image. Love the sound of Posterdle but don’t have a device to play it? Check out our roundup of the best iPad deals.

Posterdle (opens in a new tab) gives players six guesses (much like Wordle) within 20 seconds to decipher the movie poster from a pixelated image that gets less blurry over time. Every day the game resets, so you have a brand new poster design to try and guess every 24 hours.

Not only do we like to challenge our poster knowledge, but it’s also fun to reminisce about some classic poster designs and even spotlight some new ones. On May 4th (you know, Star Wars Day?), the Posterdle of the day was of course the infamous Star Wars: A New Hope design, which made us want to rewatch the entire galactic franchise (which you can re-do on DisneyPlus).

I won’t spoil anything, but I already nailed today’s Posterdle and I’m already looking forward to tomorrow’s. And if you’ve also finished today’s Posterdle and feel like sinking deeper into some more brilliant poster designs, be sure to check out our roundup of the best poster designs.

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