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“Kids love to paint, so I found an easy way for them to be creative”

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Posted: Fri, 5 Nov 2021, 13:33

Fun and interactive workshops at the 40th Sharjah International Book Fair, which runs through November 13 at Expo Center Sharjah, give children of all ages the opportunity to learn new skills and express their creativity.

In the “Leaf Printing” workshop, hosted by Sara Mezher, award-winning Lebanese filmmaker and creative workshop facilitator, children learned how to create beautiful and unique patterns and patterns using dry leaves and paints.

With a few simple but determined brush strokes, a group of boys and girls painted their leaves in vivid hues of orange and green. Then, as they pressed these painted leaves onto paper, they were delighted to see a colorful leaf silhouette printed on paper.


“I call it ‘leaf printing’ because I’m not a painter and can’t teach kids to paint. But kids love painting, so I found an easy way for them to be creative. exploring the texture of the leaves and playing with the paint, ”Sara says. “Workshop participants don’t need to know complex painting techniques, but they can learn to use simple materials found anywhere in the house to create a beautiful work of art.”

Mezher will be hosting other workshops at SIBF, including on the art of planting, the star of the movie poster, and the science of art. For the full list of activities for children at SIBF 2021, see the “Activities for Children” section at

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