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Scream 6 Fan-Made Posters Tease Ghostface’s New Hunting Grounds

With the filming of the next part of Scream franchise now underway in Montreal, and anticipation of the film building, multiple fan posters for Cry 6 teases what fans expect from the newest installment in the beloved slasher film series.

The fan-made poster was uploaded to Twitter by the user @SLASHERDANCE, which brings a fresh take on the franchise with concept art for the sequel set in New York City. The poster depicts a tall tower in a cloudy night sky. The building’s windows light up to reveal the iconic image of Ghostface, the identity killers in the movies take on to kill the latest set of victims.

In the foreground, the poster reveals a blurry dagger, indicating that Ghostface prowls the villainous streets of New York. The upper left corner of the poster features the film’s release date in bold red text, which is slated for next year. Although the poster is fan-made, it perfectly captures the slasher series theme that fans love and conceptualizes the yet unexplored new location of the iconic slasher franchise.


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twitter user @creepyduckart also hard at work with concept posters for the upcoming slasher sequel. The artist has already worked with Paramount on some retro posters for SCREAMso it is possible that we can see an official Cry 6 poster of Creepy Duck Design in the future. The first depicts Ghostface appearing as the Statue of Liberty, pointing a dagger directly skyward. In another user poster, Ghostface appears in the clouds above a bridge with text that reads, “You can’t outrun the past.” The final poster shows the New York skyline with one of the towers appearing like the dagger piercing the sky. All of these fan-made posters do a great job of energizing the weird new setting for the upcoming one. Scream after.

After a hiatus of 11 years, Scream (2022) released earlier this year to positive fan reviews and critics with praise directed at the film’s performances and the meta advantage that fans have fallen in love with since the franchise began. The film would also prove to be a financial success earning $140 million worldwide at the box office against a budget of $24 million.

With the film’s critical and financial success, it came as no surprise when a sixth film was announced. The last girl in the franchise, neve campbell will not return for next film due to undercompensation. However, the film will see the return of Courtney coxswain, Melissa Barrera, Jenna Ortega, Hayden Panettiere, Savoy Brown Jasmineand Mason Gooding. Along with the return of former cast members, the film will also feature Dermot Mulroney and Henry Czerny.

Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillet return to direct the film while the script is being written by James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick who also wrote the screenplay for the previous film. While specific plot details remain unknown, the return of cast and crew from the previous film may reassure fans that the franchise is in good hands.

The untitled sixth part of the Scream The franchise hits theaters on March 31, 2023. Check out the fan posters below!