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Russian printing company refuses to print BTS and Stray Kids products, claiming it is “LGBTQ + propaganda”


In an incident that caused confusion in online circles, a printer in Russia reportedly refused to print K-pop stickers and posters of BTS and Stray Kids. They called it “LGBTQ + propaganda”.

PinkyPop cafe owners in Yekaterinburg, Russia were puzzled after a simple request for a print turned into a queerphobic mockery. It was an unusual misunderstanding between the two as the cafe tried to secure BTS and Stray Kids products.

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Russian printing press quotes queerphobic rhetoric after misunderstanding

The incident was reported by a Russian news publication, which obtained the story of the “PinkyPop” cafe. The owners of PinkyPop asked the printer for posters and stickers of the BTS and Stray Kids boy bands. They planned to distribute them to customers ordering coffee. Shortly after making the request, the cafe owners were ignored by the print shop.

After inquiring about the lack of communication, cafe owners received fanatic messages from the printing press, asking:

“Do you want your children to become perverts?” ”

The store also added that it was,

“Stupid to support something that will leave you with no grandchildren. ”

Supposedly, the owner of the printing house saw the photos of BTS and Stray Kids and assumed they were from the LGBTQ + community.

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The owner of the printing house, a “supporter of traditionalist values”, refused to print the required products, alluding to LGBTQ + propaganda. He also told PinkyPop owners that the printing company had enough repeat customers to cushion any financial blow from their decision.

Many fans of BTS, Stray Kids, and the K-POP community in general have come together to support PinkyPop Cafe and condemn the printer’s actions. Fans have called these ideas “ignorant” and “obsolete”.

Meanwhile, the owners of PinkyPop have apparently moved on, going business as usual.

BTS and Stray Kids on the LGBTQ + community

Coincidentally, members of BTS and Stray Kids have openly expressed their views on the LGBTQ + community.

BTS’s RM, at the United Nations General Assembly in 2018, specifically mentioned “gender identity”. It is an expression used to recognize that gender is not binary but belongs to a spectrum. Other BTS members have also tweeted several times in support of queer artists and their music.

Stray Kids also expressed support for the LGBTQ + community. Many fans spotted the K-POP group at the Pride event in New York in 2018. Stray Kids’ Bang Chan, at a concert, mentioned the words “whether you are a boy, girl or whatever. person you choose to be, “a statement including non-binary people.

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