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Rs 2.7 lakh levied in fines for displaying political posters in Chennai

The HC was hearing a PIL filed by P Arumugam of T Nagar, who contested the position of Councilor in the Urban Local Body elections for Ward 117 as an independent candidate.

More than 3,700 political posters were removed in Chennai and Rs 2.70 lakh collected from relevant political parties, which had pasted them on city walls during the city local body elections held on February 19, the city said on Tuesday. Madras High Court. 1st of March. The court was hearing a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed by P Arumugam of T Nagar, who contested the position of Councilor in the Urban Local Bodies Elections for Ward 117 as an independent candidate.

When the petition was presented for a rehearing on Tuesday, the attorney for the State Election Commission told the first bench of Chief Justice M. N. Bhandari and Justice D Bharatha Chakravarthy that all posters had been removed and the cost of these had been recovered from the policy. parties and candidates concerned. In his petition, Arumugam had made various allegations against the ruling DMK. The party allegedly abused the machinery of government to ensure the success of its candidate. The petitioner’s posters were torn down and replaced with those of the DMK candidate, he added.

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On February 16, the High Court bench had ordered the SEC to remove the posters and collect the charges from the parties involved, last week. However, posters put up by political parties have been seen around Chennai ahead of local city body polls, despite the High Court order. When the matter was raised on Tuesday, the SEC told the judges that order was quickly executed. The bench dismissed the petition after ordering the SEC to remove the left-over posters as well.

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