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Random: These Gorgeous Ace Attorney Movie Posters Do The Games Justice

Picture: Viet ‘Anh’ Cao

Ace Attorney, the game about attorney Phoenix Wright acquitting his clients, already has a live-action film adaptation – and an anime and stage production – but all were made for Japanese audiences, among whom the game is far more popular. than in the West.

It’s unlikely we’ll ever have an English-language action movie detailing the exploits of Phoenix and his friends, but we can dream… and that dream would mean these fan-made posters being displayed in cinemas around the world .

Viet artist “Anh” Cao first designed an imagined poster for the first Ace Attorney game in 2020, and followed it up two years later with a design for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Justice For All.

The first shows the “Thinker“clock of the first and second case – arguably the most iconic murder weapon in the game – and the second refers to the last case of the second game, which revolves around kidnapping, blackmail and a transmitter- radio receiver.Both posters also feature Phoenix Wright’s attorney badge, which fans will recognize as the only evidence you have show each person.

The posters are part of a planned trilogy, so keep an eye out for Trials and Tribulations on Anh’s Twitter!

Anh also designed an animated version of the second poster:

And, as a bonus, check out these printable Pokémon Sword and Shield covers for physical play, designed in the style of the original Gen I box art:

If these posters were real, who would you want as a director? And which actor should play Phoenix, Maya and Edgeworth? Tell us about your dream cast in the comments!