Player recreated Spider-Man movie posters using Marvel’s Spider-Man


I’m just waiting for the Spider-Verse one, and then we’ll be happy.

Spider-Man Posters

Image: @ursRockRider

One player expertly recreated multiple Spider-Man movie posters simply using assets from Marvel’s Spider-Man.

The recreated posters are courtesy of Twitter user and Escapist graphic designer Rock Rider. Rock Rider regularly makes posters and pictures based on PS5 games, with many of his designs based on the Insomniac Spider-Man titles.

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While all of Rock’s past work is impressive and shows a clear love for Marvel’s Spider-Man, their most recent creations are certainly the most impressive. Rock reproduced movie posters for The Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 simply using Marvel’s Spider-Man, and they are almost identical to the originals.

The first poster Rock recreated was for The Amazing Spider-Man. Rock shared the picture and said, “I set out on a quest to recreate the poster for The Amazing Spider-Man with Insomniac Games – to Spider-Man. The buildings, the web and everything you see in this poster, I used it from from Spider-Man PS5. ”

Rock then shared how he made the poster., using two separate images from Marvel’s Spider-Man Photo Mode and combining them. Rock then added things like the canvases in the photo, which are also from Marvel’s Spider-Man himself.

After sharing the hobbies of The Amazing Spider-Man, Rock went on to share his version of one of the Spider-Man 2 posters.. Rock said: “The toughest hobby poster I have ever made! I put in double the effort to get the most accurate position and color tone possible to make everything as original as possible. ! Yes, all you see is IN-GAME “.

Much like the Amazing Spider-Man recreation, it’s a truly impressive effort and looks almost exactly like the original poster. Beyond the good view of the sky, Rock also managed to get the exact Spidey pose used on the poster. Rock’s efforts haven’t gone unnoticed at Insomniac Games, either., who retweeted the posters saying, “Wow, another awesome poster recreation from Rock.”

If the Spider-Man movies aren’t your thing, you might be interested to know that Rock also recreated the cover art for Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions and Spider-Man: Edge of Time using the same methods.. Really awesome stuff.

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