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Partnership Will Bring Blue Laser 3D Printing Solution to Market | Business | May 2022

CENTENNIAL, Colo., May 4, 2022 – Blue laser developer NUBURU is partnering with industrial additive manufacturing company Essentium Inc. to develop and manufacture a blue laser-based metal additive manufacturing platform. The Essentium printer the collaborators seek to develop will allow manufacturers to create production-quality metal parts with high resolution and fast throughput.

Under the multi-million dollar, multi-year agreement, Essentium can integrate NUBURU’s proprietary blue laser technology with its High Speed ​​Extrusion 3D Printing (HSETM) technology for product development in the early phase and production in the second phase. The platform to be developed is designed to deliver breakthrough throughput for extremely high part quality and large-scale use in major industrial markets including automotive, aerospace and defense.

As part of the contract, NUBURU will also license its core 3D printing application patents.

Materials such as copper, stainless steel, and aluminum reflect much of the infrared wavelengths transmitted by traditional industrial lasers, reducing print speed and quality. Processing materials with blue laser technology allows printing with 10x faster build speed and the ability to print with very high metal density without any post-processing.

Essentium’s technology enables energy-efficient deposition, eliminating porosity and minimizing warpage during fabrication. The new common platform will produce parts comparable to castings and forgings with minimal post-processing required.