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Paramount Plus Halo Series Posters Give New Look at Characters

the Halo The series is less than a month away from its premiere on Paramount Plus, which means it’s time for the series to step up its promotional efforts, as is the case with the new official character posters that just arrived. to go out.

Since its beginnings in video games and the extension of its tradition to book format in the early 2000s, the Halo the franchise has been coveted intellectual property for possible film or television adaptation, including cancellation Halo movie. While the first trailers may have received mixed reactions from fans, particularly due to the design changes for some characters, everyone can now give the cast a deeper look at their individual artwork.


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Nevertheless, there aren’t many recognizable faces here, as one of the known aspects of Halo series is that it will expand the main cast with a few new characters. Among them, Soren-066 and Kwan Ha Boo, played by Bokeem Woodbrine and Yerin Ha respectively. A person who will be all too familiar to Halo fans is Dr. Catherine Halsey, the creator of the Spartan-II and mother figure to the now shy, non-camera Master Chief.

While it’s safe to say that these three characters look the part and blend in with the overall aesthetic chosen for Paramount Plus’ Halo, they will remind many of the fact that the show’s starting cast lacks the likes of Sergeant Avery Johnson. Also conspicuously absent is Cortana, whose design differs from each Halo game there now that she’s ditched her blue complexion in favor of a more humanized appearance. Regardless of the fact that Dr. Halsey needs no introduction, the other two do not.

Soren-066 comes from the short story Pariah, where he is portrayed as a willing candidate for the Spartan-II program who also sees Halsey as a mother of sorts, though he eventually changes his mind. On the other hand, Kwan is an entirely new addition, meant to be more of an amalgamation of different characters from franchise lore, all blended into one.

The rest of the Halo the cast is rounded out by Miranda Keyes (Olive Gray) and Captain Keyes (Danny Sapani), along with several new other Spartans. As the series nears its debut, it remains to be seen if it has any effect on pacing. Infinite Halowithin Twitch and the gaming community as a whole.

Halo the television series is set to premiere on Paramount Plus on March 24, 2022.

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