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Just a couple of years, the time has come again for repairs to the car, the mileage reaches astronomical values ​​- a new car is needed. However, to keep the new car from becoming a financial adventure, not much money should be wasted on an expensive loan.

Take a look at title loan online approval

Online title loans are cheap to get.

Even for an effective annual interest of 5.55%, any vehicle can be financed. It does not matter whether new or used cars, if this at the conclusion of the credit agreement is not older than about 6 -7 years. The special feature: This interest rate applies to all loan amounts between 5,000 and 50,0000 euros. Admittedly, with comparably short maturities of up to 48 months, you can always find comparably cheap credit. But the car loan of Metabank is available up to a term of 84 months – always at the interest rate of 5.55%. The nominal interest rate of 5.41% shows that the applicable fees for a car loan of Metabank are manageable.

Incidentally, further costs are not due; Metabank refrains from demanding a residual debt insurance. Although this policy covers risks such as inability to work or unemployment, the costs are immense. Another plus: If additional money is available within the repayment period, special repayments are possible at any time. This is on the one hand advantageous, because a conceivable term of 7 years can not already be overlooked when signing the contract. On the other hand, the old vehicle is often not given in payment, but only sold privately when the new car is at the door. With a possibility for special repayment, the proceeds are available for the current loan.

Cash payment creates room for negotiation with the car dealer

A car loan from Metabank offers even more financial benefits when purchasing the vehicle. Because the car can be paid at the dealer cash, is again a significant price reduction of about 10 to 15% possible. Financing by the car bank is therefore not only expensive in many cases, because the conditions as such are often less favorable. A comparison offer should definitely be obtained. If the discounts on a cash purchase are high enough, even a 0.0% refinance of the auto bank will be unattractive in most cases.

The terms of such a car loan of Metabank are no different from other car loans: The minimum age is 18 years, in addition, the income must allow a repayment. Not only the income and other regular income, but also the expenses are of interest. About the credit bureau are then not only information about how it is ordered to the reliability of the debtor. It can also be seen how many more loans are already being repaid – and if so threatened with over-indebtedness.