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New world map bug causes icons to grow to ridiculous sizes


Another New World gamer shares a hilarious bug he recently discovered that causes in-game map icons to take on incredible sizes.

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It seems that every day, players of Amazon Games’ currently massively played online title New world discover something new. Whether it’s spotting a spooky ghost ship on New world shores, or even finding ways to hit max levels without ever having to kill anything, fans of the MMO seem to be having a blast. While seemingly unremarkable, another player shares that they’ve discovered an issue in the in-game map that allows them to expand the icons into incredibly large sizes.

The success that New world Currently experiencing may seem surprising to some members of the gaming community, especially in a space dominated by other long-standing titles like World of warcraft Where Final fantasy 14. However, with New world To top the Steam charts as one of the most played video games on the platform, it shows that there is something about the title that keeps its players going to keep checking in. It’s possible that little things like these funny glitches contribute to the overall appeal of the MMO.


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On Reddit, user Jack1k97 shared a short video showcasing the new bug he found in New world. In the pictures, their in-game map was open and they were showing their mouse cursor moving quickly back and forth over the map icons. As the cursor continues to move forward and backward, the icon obviously becomes larger than the rest of the icons on the map. The Redditor featured it on several occasions, even exponentially increasing the bear cave icon to cover an entire area on the map. With many players already concerned about improving the quality of life on the New world map, this bug appears to be another issue to add to the list.

While some of the comments on the subReddit scoffed at the bug, others were more concerned with the MMO’s QA testing. Those with coding experience have noted that the problem is also prevalent in other in-game codes, making it New world buggy as a whole. Since the title has been heavily rushed to make its launch date, issues and glitches like these are likely to come up frequently.

Nonetheless, it’s been a month since its launch, and New world continues to be frequented by fans around the world. Hopefully the dev team will continue to work hard on fixing these hilarious but important issues as they are keys to providing a better gaming experience for their entire community.

New world is currently available for PC.

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