New Eternals Character Posters Showcase Marvel Studios’ Latest Heroes

To mark the Eternals Advance Tickets going on sale, Marvel Studios has released a new promo along with special character posters.

New Eternals Character Posters Released

Less than a month from Marvel Studios Eternals hits theaters, promotion for the long-awaited film has gained momentum. Now, the studio has released 10 character posters, along with the film’s official IMAX poster, to introduce the world to the latest heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

New Eternals posters were released as part of Marvel’s advance ticket sales promotion for the film. The studio also released a 40-second video with new footage from the film and cast reminding MCU fans that new superheroes have arrived. Tickets are already on sale for Eternals‘ Premiere in November.


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the Eternals the posters highlight the film’s main characters and give fans a closer look at their unique costumes. The film’s big roster includes Sersi by Gemma Chan, Ikaris by Richard Madden, Makkari by Lauren Ridloff, Kingo by Kumail Nanjiani, Thena by Angelina Jolie, Phastos by Brian Tyree Henry, Gilgamesh by Don Lee, Ajak by Salma Hayek, Druig by Barry Keoghan and Sprite by Lia McHugh. All of these characters have counterparts from the Marvel Comics pages, though some of them were changed for the film to allow for a diverse cast of performers.

Eternals 1 Poster - Sersi

Eternals 2 poster - Ikaris

Eternals 3 Poster - Makkari

Eternals 4 Poster - Kingo

Eternals 5 Poster - Thena

Eternals 6 Poster - Phastos

Eternals 7 Poster - Gilgamesh

Eternals 8 Poster - Ajak

Eternals 9 Poster - Druig

Eternals 10 Poster - Sprite

Eternals, directed by Oscar-winning director Chloe Zhao, was set to premiere in 2020. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, its release was pushed back a year. The film’s final trailer was released in August, and Marvel has been releasing promotional content ever since. A featurette was released just two days ago, giving fans a glimpse into the lives of the new heroes.

The film will mark the arrival of the alien super team who will fight the deviants to save the universe. The team have apparently lived on Earth for thousands of years, never interfering in the events that have occurred. Their role was to make sure that if the threat ever got too big to handle, they would step in to stop it. After the events of Avengers: Endgame, the Deviants seem to arrive on Earth with the goal of destroying the planet, and that’s when the Eternals will come out of hiding to do their duty.

The multiple Eternals the trailers show the heroes in normal attire, living among humans, which further shows that they were watching all the events of the MCU’s hallowed timeline. Many fans wondered why they hadn’t thought to step in as Thanos wreaked havoc and even wiped out half the universe’s population. Hopefully the film answers their questions.

Eternals premieres in theaters on November 5, 2021.

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Source: Marvel Entertainment/Twitter

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