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New Boba Fett Book Posters Spotlight Chapter Two Newcomers

Disney Plus has released three new character posters for Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett, which will serve as a treat to appease fans of the series until the new episode arrives later this week. The images provided look at a few new additions to the bounty hunter-centric narrative that will likely play a vital role in the events to come.

Character posters from last week for Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett introduced the public to two important personalities, the mayor’s butler and Madame Garsa. Each made a brief appearance in the show’s first episode, sparking intrigue about what role they could potentially play. More on each of them in the next episode, but a cloud lingers around their purpose and motivations. The appearance of Mayor Majordomo and the veiled threats uncovered speculation that the mayor of Mos Espa may have been behind the attempted assassination of Fett and Shand, which proved to be accurate, despite the denial from the mayor. The case, however, got complicated once the mayor ordered Fett to search for answers in the canteen of Madame Garza’s shrine, where the new character officially came into play.


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The first new Boba Fett book The poster reveals a Wookiee bounty hunter named Black Krrsantan, who officially made his first live debut in the star wars universe after being introduced in Marvel’s dark Vador comic in 2015. Audiences haven’t seen much in terms of viable antagonists for the bounty hunter-turned-daimyo, but Black Krrsantan looks like an adversary that will give Boba Fett and Fennec Shand all the trouble that they can handle. Black Krrsantan’s appearance, however, is secondary to the next poster, which is of Jabba the Hutt’s twin cousins. They both walk in, looking to reclaim their cousin’s seat, which Fett or Shand won’t allow. The sister and the brother each seek to play different roles with universal intentions. The brother’s voice takes on a more vocal stance, while the sister seems to be tugging the strings deep in her ear.

Boba Fett (character poster)

Boba Fett (character poster #2)

Boba Fett (character poster #3)

The additional image provided is of the Tusken Raiders, whose relationship with Fett has been an evolving connection. Their presence at the moment only happens in the flashbacks offered by the titular character, showcasing the bounty hunters’ journey after the events of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Fett went from captive to inducted community member throughout the first two episodes of Boba Fett’s Book, aiding the Tusken Raiders in several ways. The posters feature two critical members of the community: the clan’s supposed leader and their best warrior. Fett had a unique relationship with each, earning their respect in different ways, which came full circle at the end of the previous episode. It’s clear that their impact is significant and shaped the bounty hunter’s revival, but their connection to the present is relatively unknown. Their inclusion in this week’s posters hints that they still have a bigger role to play, the nature of which will become apparent as things progress.

The posters envelop the characters in a sea of ​​orange sand, highlighting where this story takes place. The arrival of these new posters indicates that each new character will appear in this week’s next episode, but their real impact may not surface until later. Nevertheless, the Boba Fett book posters generate excitement and offer the public something to look forward to as things evolve. Fett’s position as a daimyo has become a complex web of worries, and seems to become even more complicated as enemies threaten his position of power. It’ll be exciting to see how things play out in this week’s new episode, but until then, the arrival of the new posters will have to suffice.

New posters will definitely arrive next week after the third episode, but what new characters will enter the new star wars universe? That’s the question on the minds of many, with answers sitting tightly on the horizon. While not much has surfaced, there’s enough to paint a picture of where everyone stands on the fine line between ally and foe. Who can Fett and Shand trust as things move forward? Only the Boba Fett book the creators know the answer to this confusing question, but Disney Plus will let the public know the secret soon enough.

Boba Fett’s Book features new episodes every Wednesday on Disney Plus.

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Source: Boba Fett’s book/Twitter

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