Netflix releases new posters and release date for Stranger Things 4

Calling all Stranger Things fans, this is not a drill. Today Netflix released four official posters for the highly anticipated stranger things season 4, and the internet went nuts. It’s been 3 years since the last season of stranger things. Since then, fans have been desperately waiting for news regarding a release date for the new season, which would have been delayed for various reasons, including the ongoing pandemic. But today, Netflix surprised fans with four new posters and an official May 27 release date. Let’s take a look at what the new posters reveal for the upcoming season.

1. Hopper at the Russian prison yard

New posters for Stranger Things 4

Hopper walks through a bloodied prison yard in a new Stranger Things season 4 poster

A 2021 Netflix promo titled From Russia with love showed a very much alive Hopper as a prisoner in Russia. This stranger things The poster shows Hopper walking through an abandoned prison yard in the company of a mysterious man and woman believed to be Winona Ryder’s character, Joyce Byers. The courtyard is not only abandoned, but appears to be the scene of a recent bloodbath with shattered metal and blood splattered all over the snowy ground. Hopper and his mysterious duo are seen walking towards a glowing red portal on the floor, a portal that I’m pretty sure leads backwards.

2. Eleven returns to Hawkins National Laboratory

New Stranger Things Posters Reveal Eleven Returns to Where It All Began

The second stranger things The poster shows a young woman in the hall of an abandoned facility that appears to be Hawkins National Laboratory, proven by the depiction of the rainbow room in the distance (the playroom that was used for the child test subjects), and the coca-cola on the floor that was crushed by Eleven during one of her first tests for her psychokinetic abilities. The poster also shows Eleven’s reflection in a slab of broken glass in the second door on the right side of the hallway, which could be a sign that the young woman in the photo is Eleven. A glowing portal appears just outside the Rainbow Room, a portal that undoubtedly leads backwards.

3. Steve Harrington and The Gang Creep In The Creel House

Stranger Things season 4 poster

Steven Harrington and the Gang Head to House Creel’s Grandfather Clock in One of 4 New Stranger Things Posters

In the stranger things promo House Creel, we see Steve Harrington and the gang break into an abandoned house where a husband and father (Victor Creel) murdered his wife and two children decades before. During the promo, Dusty, Steve, Lucas, and Max are seen searching for clues, and the promo ends with a focus on a grandfather clock. The third season 4 poster shows Steve, Dusty, Lucas, Erica, Nancy, and Robin walking towards the same grandfather clock with a worried Max distracted by something behind them. A portal to the reverse appears just before the clock.

4. Mike goes to California

stranger things poster

Mike catches up with the Byers in Cali in one of the new Stranger Things season 4 posters

The last stranger things Season 4 poster shows Mike with Jonathan and Will Byers. The Byers have just moved to a new town in California, and judging by the Surfer Boy pizza truck, Mike has reunited with his old friends in their new town. They are also shown walking towards a portal in the distance, which leads upside down.

Netflix reports that stranger things Season 4 will be split into two volumes: Vol 1. will premiere on May 27, followed by Vol 2. on July 1. Between the recent promotional videos and the text on the poster that reads “every ending has a beginning,” fans believe Season 4 will be about character origins and time travel. For more info on Netflix specials and premieres, follow @thenerdstash on Twitter.

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