Motorcycle loan simulation: comparator and motorcycle loan simulator

Passionate about two wheels, you have always hesitated to take the plunge to buy the bike of your dreams. On, indulge yourself by using our bike loan comparator and find the perfect financing for your project. Whether for pure thrills with your friends, or to limit travel time to the office and avoid traffic jams, here’s everything you need to know about motorcycle loans and online credit simulations .

Motorcycle loan simulator

Motorcycle loan simulator

The bike is before a passion. With our motorcycle loan simulation, give yourself the necessary financing and avoid to draw on your savings. Whether you opt for a new motorbike or a used model, use our motorcycle loan comparator to help you find the funds for your purchase, by consulting the proposals of the many financial organizations that work with us to in place this online simulation tool.

By opting for our motorcycle loan simulation, you have a reliable and free tool that allows you to enter the criteria for choosing your credit and select the offers you find more interesting. Indeed, you have the possibility to borrow up to 75 000 € for a repayment period of 12 to 72 months, established according to your monthly needs.

At online banks, the motorcycle loan is a form of fixed interest rate loan applied throughout its duration. You benefit from a flexible and simplified approach that allows you to know in advance the amount of capital granted and the monthly payments to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Why use our 2-wheel credit simulator?

All the stages of the simulation and the steps of obtaining a credit are facilitated on our comparator of loan motorcycle. Just a few clicks and you get access to custom motorcycle loan offers and get all the data on the amount borrowed, the cost of monthly payments, the interest rate applied that will help you compare the many offers available on the credit market online.

With the motorcycle credit simulation, you have a clear idea about the credit formula that will allow you to make that purchase. In real time, you will find the details of the terms of your motorcycle loan, the assigned Annual Total Effective Rate (APR), the total duration of the repayments and the fixed borrowing rate for this loan. This is a simple approach that is offered to you free of charge, in complete transparency and that does not commit you to anything. As soon as you have decided, you will be redirected to the sites of banks that offer this type of credit to make the necessary steps to get your motorcycle loan.

By staying in the comfort of your home, you can start researching the loan motorcycle just by using your computer and visiting our comparator loan motorcycle. No more making appointments with account managers and travel, because everything is served on a platter to find the bike credit at the best rate. To make a simulation on our site, you only need to indicate the nature of your project (the purchase of a motorcycle), the amount you want and the loan repayment period. Then you will file your application and receive offers from financial institutions.

Take the time to think about comparing the rates offered by our motorcycle loan comparator before you decide and head to the best organization that offers you a tempting proposition, with a playable interest rate and a viable total cost of credit, if you refer to your monthly expenses and your debt capacity.

How to use our simulation tool to compare motorcycle loans?

On our motorcycle loan simulation tool, start by specifying the nature of your credit that will be used to buy a new bike. Once you have indicated the capital of your choice and the duration you will put to repay the loan, the calculation will be launched to give you an idea about the amount of monthly payments that you will have to repay. In summary, you will also have the Total Effective Annual Rate, the total interest, the fixed actuarial lending rate and the total amount of the credit.

Other possible procedure, you can give the total amount you will need and the age of the bike you are going to buy. You will then have to click on the monthly payment of your choice and our motorcycle loan comparator will launch the calculation. All you have to do is send your application online and finalize the subscription form in a secure area that you can easily find on the websites of our partner financial institutions.

What is a motorcycle loan?

What is a motorcycle loan?

Buying a motorcycle is an important step that you will not necessarily have in your life plans. To help you make this purchase with peace of mind, banks and credit agencies are now offering a motorcycle loan. Consumer credit formula affected, this motorcycle loan is granted for the purchase of a motorcycle, a scooter, a new quad under 2 years, or a used model (+ 2 years). This is a facilitated process that will help you buy your two wheels by limiting the costs of such an investment.

To access this type of credit, send your request to banks and credit agencies that will offer different interest rates, calculated according to your repayment capacity, the time you will need to return everything with interest. , and many other more important points.

To help you find the best motorcycle loan deals, it is advisable to make comparisons online to get a first idea of ​​what to expect, and provide this data to better negotiate your loan from banks.

Unlike personal credit where you can freely spend the financing obtained, the motorcycle loan is granted to you as part of the purchase of a specific property, a motorcycle. Moreover, many outlets and dealers work with credit agencies to facilitate getting a motorcycle loan for their client.

Regarding the terms of a motorcycle loan, know that its amount is capped at 75000 euros, with a subscription for a period greater than 3 months to meet the conditions of consumer law. Moreover, the lending institution of your choice will send you a prior offer of credit and you have 14 days to think about all that this loan engages you before continuing the process.

When you have your motorcycle loan agreement in hand, do not forget to check that the document clearly specifies the rate applied, the amount of credit, the conditions of repayment of the money borrowed, the reason for which you have applied for this credit (the purchase of a motorcycle), as well as all the information concerning your identity and that of the lender.

Also note that you will only have to repay the motorcycle loan after the actual delivery of the machine. And if the sale has not finally taken place, the suspensive clauses of the contract provide for an automatic cancellation of the credit. In case of dispute over the contract of purchase of the motorcycle, you can suspend the process of repayment of the loan motorcycle.

But for these clauses to be applied, you must ask the seller to specify on the order form of the motorcycle that this purchase is conditioned by a request for credit from a bank.

To reduce the cost of this loan motorcycle, know that you have the right to negotiate a discount on the purchase price of your motorcycle from the store, or pay a personal contribution to the bank to review the rate of credit interest. And of course, you have our bike loan simulation tool to compare different offers and compete to better convince your banker.

The plus with the motorcycle loan is that you can add a borrower insurance that will cover the rest of the monthly payments to be refunded in the event of death or total and irreversible loss of autonomy. By doing so, you protect your loved ones who will not be involved in the repayment of your motorcycle loan in case of accident.

How to apply for a motorcycle loan?

How to apply for a motorcycle loan?

The motorcycle loan is a financing solution specifically dedicated to the purchase of a two-wheeled vehicle. After having used our motorcycle loan simulation tool, you get in direct contact with the financial organizations that offer this kind of credit allocated in Belgium. You will then obtain all the information concerning your motorcycle loan, namely the amount, the duration and the monthly payments.

Then, you will have to negotiate the Total Effective Rate (APR) used which differs according to the conditions applied by the banks, your repayment capabilities, your monthly income, your charges, etc. But on average, the TEG for a motorcycle loan is 4.5% to 9% on the market.

To find the offer that best suits your needs, do not hesitate to multiply searches with our motorcycle loan comparator. With these figures in hand, you will be better able to negotiate your credit with banks, and also at your dealer who will not hesitate to make you an offer of credit for the purchase of the bike that makes you dream.

Why make motorcycle credit online?

Why make motorcycle credit online?

Despite the many loan offers offered by banks and financial institutions, you have chosen to turn to online credit solutions. You have made the right choice, because this approach allows you to benefit from all the advantages of a simplified and accelerated process.

Once you have completed your motorcycle loan simulation, you have already completed a large part of the process, and then you will only have to click on the link that appears before your eyes to continue towards the site of the establishment of your choice.

It is a reliable, personalized and discreet service that guides you in obtaining the necessary funds to find a suitable solution for the purchase of your motorcycle. What’s more, the answer in principle is given immediately and you know right away whether your credit is accepted or not.

Then you can fill in your contract with the necessary information, and you will return it with the requested documents such as a photocopy of your ID, photocopy of your last payslips, the recent proof of residence, the RIB and the good one. order that will serve to justify the purchase of the bike.

After a predefined period, the money will be paid into your account and you can finally buy the bike you so desired, without having to wait years of savings, or touch your savings.

Tips for choosing a motorcycle loan

Tips for choosing a motorcycle loan

That’s it, you’ve fallen in love with a beautiful bike that fits your personality perfectly. Whatever the cost, you must have it, and even if you do not have the necessary amount for the purchase, you have decided to borrow for the occasion. Of course, you do not know anything about this approach and you need some benchmarks before you decide.

Motorcycle loan, the steps to follow

To begin, know that the loan motorcycle will be granted under the same conditions applied for a car loan, a consumer credit and a personal loan. To access it, you have two possibilities. The first step is to consult your banker to apply for a motorcycle loan, and this, ensuring that all your accounts are managed by one person. However, you risk missing out on better opportunities by not comparing the offers available in the consumer credit market.

Which brings you to the second option of doing a motorcycle loan simulation on our website and having your quotes that will help you compare the offers and choose the best one. You already have all the locations that guide you through our online credit comparison tool. For the form you will have to complete online, you will give your full name, address, date of birth, monthly net salary, the amount of credit you expect to have and the desired repayment term.

To reduce the rate of your motorcycle loan, limit the duration of the loan as much as possible. Thus, it is quite possible to have a motorcycle credit at 3.84% over 48 months, against 4.82% for a repayment period of 60 months.

Tips for getting a motorcycle loan online

To ensure that your online motorcycle loan application is accepted, you must make sure that you answer some of the questions that will help the online bank prepare your profile and grant you a motorcycle loan.

So, by filling out the form, confirm your civility by mentioning your spouse if you live in a couple, indicate your date of birth, give your complete address, inform them about your profession and your type of employment contract. In this component, you can indicate your seniority and the income you receive. You should also talk about your current credits to get a real calculation of your debt ratio. And if ever this rate is too high, you can find a solution with credit agencies that will help you reduce your monthly payments and extend the repayment period, all so that you can access this loan motorcycle.

As for the approach to obtaining a motorcycle loan online, it is quite simple and you will quickly get your agreement in principle. Note that this document is for your information only, and will guide you in your research, because you will already have all the information on the loan amount, the interest rate applied, the repayment period and the monthly cost. In the meantime, the organization will receive the various pieces that make up your file and will study them to decide your case.

For anyone applying for a motorcycle loan, the documents to be provided are the same, these are the last three statements of bank accounts, the last three payslips, and proof of savings if this is the case. You will also provide your tax or non-tax notices and supporting documents for your outstanding loans.

By using our motorcycle loan simulation, you have all the cards in hand to find the most suitable credit offer for the purchase of your motorcycle. You just have to compare the offers obtained after the simulation and make a small calculation on your side to have the actual cost of this credit based on the borrowed capital and the total cost of the loan motorcycle taking into account possible fees and insurance.