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More than 900 research posters presented at the “STAR Summit”

CHENNAI: The concept of “STAR Summit” is a research focused on the future. It focuses on innovation and creativity and is futuristically integrated for the advancement of engineering. In line with this concept, the SIMATS School of Engineering launched the first-ever research platform of its kind in an Indian educational institution a few years ago.

Saveetha’s annual Transdisciplinary Research Summit (STAR ​​Summit) has become a platform for young researchers to showcase their comprehensive research projects. This year, the final-year engineering students prepared their projects and posters to exhibit, giving a glimpse of their scientific spirit.

Arun Srinivasan, Chief Digital Experience Officer, HTC Global Services, kicked off the event with a bang in the presence of SIMATS Founder and Chancellor, Dr. NM Veeraiyan, Vice Chancellor, Dr. Chadaram Sivaji, SSE Director, Dr. Ramya Deepak, and the Director, Dr. Ramesh. .

For more than a week, nearly 100 posters were displayed daily, reflecting the tireless efforts of the graduates. This year nearly nine hundred posters were displayed, which is a huge accomplishment.

STAR Summit winners received approximately 300 awards. This gala of academic celebration of young scientific minds concluded with the promise of a magnificent event the following year.

Students thanked their management and faculty for expanding their knowledge and understanding of a chosen area within engineering and helping them define their academic, professional, and personal interests through the STAR Summit.