Marvel’s Spider-Man fan shows off beautiful posters based on the movies

A talented Marvel’s Spider-Man fan pays homage to the big-screen adaptations of the wall-crawler, with several films featured.


Marvel’s Spider-Man fans still showcase some unique creations with the in-game photo mode, although one has gone above and beyond. the Marvel’s Spider-Man player in question has made posters for several Spider-Man films, sharing their hard work in one large collage.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that fans have been inspired by the movies while playing around with the photo mode. An amazing poster based on Spider-man 2 perfectly captured the look and feel of the actual promotional material from the movie, with the fan nailing the lighting and even including Doc Ock’s arms in the game. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, with others even going so far as to recreate entire scenes.


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However, while Redditor Daredevil731 may not have been the first person to take inspiration from the Spider-Man films, they have shared a lot of content based on them. The fan used the photo mode and the game’s huge range of costumes to create six separate posters, each based on a specific movie. Daredevil731 even turned them into a large collage, which can be seen below, with the individual posters on view here.


The first poster covers Spider-man 2, a film that is widely regarded as one of the best Spider-Man movies. While the excellent portrayal of Alfred Molina from Doc Ock is not seen, Raimi’s costume looks great as the player walks through a city with yellow skies. The following poster is much darker, capturing the feel of the The Incredible Spider-Man displays perfectly. The first costume worn by Andrew Garfield can be seen, with Spidey posing at night. To complete the top row, Spider-Man: Homecoming, with the fan recreating the poster where Spidey hangs on the wall of the Avengers Tower.

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Gets Some More Love With A Avengers: Infinity War attach. The image shows Iron Spider’s legs extended, while an orange background captures the crumbling version of the planet Titan. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse is next, with Peter seen standing on top of a building and looking ready to jump, a nod to the “Let’s do this one more time” scene. Finally, Spider-Man: Far From Home gets a poster, with Daredevil731 doing a great job of portraying the film. Alongside the upgraded black and red costume, a green background is clearly visible, which is an obvious nod to the movie’s standout villain, Mysterio.

Besides sharing some amazing artwork, Daredevil731 suggests a cool feature for Photo Mode that will surely be featured in the next one. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. If stickers with each movie’s logo were available in-game, players could recreate posters like these, giving Photo Mode fans a more accessible setup for their cinematic tributes.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is available now on PS4 and PS5.

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