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Lower Decks Season 3 Reveal Character Posters at SDCC 2022

San Diego Comic-Con 2022 Unveils New Last Frontier Content! During the star trek Universe Panel Held in Hall H at SDCC 2022, Brand New Set of Character Posters for the Anime Series Cast Star Trek: Lower Decks have been revealed ahead of the series’ third season premiere next month.

The new poster set consisted of four character-centric posters for each of the Lower decks crew – Mariner, Boimler, Tendi and Rutherford. Each poster consisted of the same style, each a glass version of the characters’ heads in space, the colors of the stars behind them giving them a unique look with the season 3 logo underneath, with their ship the USS Cerritos still displayed somewhere around the character’s floating head.


The third season is set to pick up where the Season 2 cliffhanger ending left off as the group faces new challenges they never expected. A new trailer that was also shown to the panel also teases that the series will connect to Deep Space NineCreated by the Emmy Award winner Mike McMahan (rick and morty, solar opposites), the anime series’ featured voice cast includes Fawn Newsome as Ensign Beckett Mariner, Jack Quaid as Ensign Brad Boimler, Noel Wells as a Tendi sign, Eugene Cordero as Ensign Rutherford. Other cast members also include Dawn lewis as Captain Carol Freeman, jerry O’Connell as Commander Jack Ransom, and Gillian Vigor as Doctor T’Ana.

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Star Trek: Lower Deck is produced by CBS’s Eye Animation Productions, the animation arm of CBS Studios; Secret hiding place; and Roddenberry Entertainment. The series’ executive producers include creator McMahan alongside Heather Kadin. Other executive producers on the project include Alex Kurtzman and Aaron Bayer for Secret Hideout; Roddenberry rod and Trevor Roth through Roddenberry Entertainment; and Katie Krentz for 219 productions. Emmy Award-winning independent animation production company Titmouse serves as the animation studio for the series.

Season 3 of Star Trek: Lower Decks is slated to premiere Thursday, August 25, exclusively on Paramount+. You can check out the newly released posters and official synopsis for the anime series below. Stay tuned to Collider for news coming out of SDCC 2022.

Season 3 of “Star Trek: Lower Decks” challenges the USS Cerritos ensigns in (hilarious) ways they could never imagine, starting with a shocking resolution for season two’s epic cliffhanger finale.

Check out the trailer for the series below: