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Live-Action My Broken Mariko Film Unveils Teaser Video and Posters E! News UK

The Staff of the Live-Action Film Adaptation Waka Hirakoit is My broken Mariko The manga revealed two posters and a trailer for the film on Wednesday.

Mei Nagano (top left in the image above) plays the role of protagonist Shiino. The film will be released this fall. Yuki Tanada is directing the film after writing the script with Kōsuke Mukai.

Other cast members include:

  • Nope (top center in the image above) as Mariko Ikagawa, Shiino’s close friend
  • Masataka Kubota (bottom left) as Makio, a young man whom Shiino meets on his journey
  • Toshinori Omi (bottom center) as Mariko’s father
  • Yo Yoshida (bottom right) as Kyōko Tamura, Mariko’s father’s second wife

Yen Press released the manga as a deluxe hardcover book in November 2020. The company describes the manga:

Shiino is a moody office assistant, but when her friend Mariko suddenly dies, she becomes determined to get to the bottom of this mystery. Depicting the touching bond between the girls, it’s a gripping story of sisterhood and romance.

Kadokawa published on Josei the only compiled volume of the manga in Japan as of January 2020. The 24th Japan Media Arts Festival Awards awarded the manga its New Face Award in 2021.

Sources: My broken Mariko Live Action Movie Twitter Account, comedic Natalie

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