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How to Decorate Any Room With Art Posters

November 14, 2021


Decorating your home is beneficial in several ways. First and foremost, it will stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. Second, art can inspire viewers, inviting conversation and encouraging reflection and learning. And, of course, a visually pleasing space can help the occupant relax, especially if the theme is organic.

For these reasons and many more, breathtaking works of art are always a plus in the home. While there are many options on the market, to suit budgets from student to millionaire, art posters are popular with homeowners around the world. Their availability, affordability, and adaptability make them an option to consider. For fans of art posters, here’s how to decorate any home with it.

  1. Collect art posters over time

After you’ve worked hard to build a house and put in the finishing touches, it can be tempting to buy dozens of art posters all at once and finish decorating once and for all. However, if it is possible to be patient, when it comes to decorating a house with the help of art posters, it is better to buy them one at a time.

This approach allows time to reflect closely on the exact images desired, which will stand the test of time and complement space and each other. This way, it’s easier to choose posters that inspire, rather than buying random prints, as there is a bare wall to fill in.

  1. Personalize

A house is more like a house, and the contents have more meaning if they are handpicked and personalized to the unique taste of the inhabitant. In this sense, it is not enough to simply choose the posters available at a favorite local or online store. Often there won’t be one that really fits.

Fortunately, the more thoughtful stores understand this and offer the option of ordering personalized posters. All you need is a preferred image and the required dimensions, and they will print a unique poster to custom specifications.

  1. Arrange them in style

It is essential to hang art posters in a well thought out strategic layout. If it’s done haphazardly, everyone will notice it and maybe walk away with a bad taste in their mouths. Here are three popular arrangements worth trying:

  • Odds rule
    Works of art arranged in odd numbers tend to be more attractive, unforgettable, and compelling than those in even numbers. So, art posters are best organized into three, five, seven and so on. One of the most prominent places for the art exhibition is the wall behind a three-seater sofa, where it can be nice to hang three posters of similar size.

  • Gallery
    A gallery wall, or living room wall, is a style of display that dates back to the 1600s. The wealthy French decided on a new method of exhibiting art, moving away from the old and courteous manners of hang paintings. The salons became a place for the first public art exhibitions. Their walls were used to display works of art of different sizes, textures and mediums, forming a kind of collage. It became fertile ground for Enlightenment thinkers, intellectuals and the rising middle class. Since then, the gallery walls have caused a sensation around the world and their appeal should not wane anytime soon.

  • Great art
    Another artistic trend that closely rivals galleries is high art. Instead of having multiple pieces of art on the wall, one can choose a single oversized piece. Many designers ditch paint clusters for a large-scale work of art. They see it as a refreshing alternative to minimalist, who cherish simplicity, elegance and only the basics. High art also has a greater visual impact than an average work of art.

  • Stick to a theme
    When decorating a room with art posters, it is best to stick to one theme. Displaying images of contrasting themes is too painful on the eyes, and viewers may become confused instead of appreciating the art. Here are some popular themes to consider:
    – Abstract art
    – Graffiti
    – Fantasy
    – Contemporary
    – Surrealism
    – Cubism
    – Pop Art
    – Impressionist
    – Modern Art
    – Biophilic art
    – Portraits


Any interior designer worth his salt will tell you that decorating your home or office with art posters takes a little creativity. The tips discussed here should serve as a general guide to get started, but it’s important to remember that there are no hard and fast rules. You can always go against the conventional approach and individually assess the impact of a work of art. Maybe this will trigger a new global trend!

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