Free PS Plus games for September 2021 file sizes


For those wondering, here’s how much disk space they need to set aside to download all the free PS Plus games for September 2021.

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Free Playstation plus The September 2021 games are available now, giving PlayStation Plus subscribers the opportunity to add three more games to their growing collection of digital titles. The free PS Plus games for September 2021 are Overcooked: all you can eat on PS5, Predator: Hunting grounds, and Hitman 2, with these last two games available to play on PS4 and PS5. Fans can add the games to their collection without downloading them, but some may be curious if they have the hard drive space for the new batch of titles.

Overcooked: all you can eat is a 7.359GB download, making it the smallest download of the bunch. That doesn’t mean the game lacks content, however. Overcooked: all you can eat combines the contents of the first two Overcooked games in one package, with some additional enhancements like DualSense controller support. Overcooked: all you can eat has also received notable post-launch support since its release last year, with Ghost Town Games releasing new levels exclusively for All you can eat recently.

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Predator: Hunting grounds, meanwhile, is 12.867 GB. For those who do not know the game, Predator: Hunting grounds is an asymmetric multiplayer game where one player takes the role of the predator and tries to terrorize their opponents online. Predator: Hunting grounds was produced by IllFonic, a developer perhaps best known for his work on the same Friday the 13th: the game.

As for the third and final free PS Plus game for September 2021, things are getting a bit tricky. The initial download of Hitman 2 is a mere 24.495 GB, but that’s only for the base game. Hitman 2 features a number of important maps that were released after the game launched, and they’re all included. Someone who chooses to download all Hitman 2 the content that comes with PS Plus will seek to set aside a whopping 124 GB or so. So, in total, those looking to download all free PS Plus games for September 2021 will need around 145GB of storage space.

Limited storage space is always an issue with digital games, but it’s worth pointing out that PlayStation Plus subscribers don’t need to download all of these games at once. It is possible to claim free PS Plus games for your library and not download them immediately, as they can be downloaded at any time in the future as long as you remain a subscriber to the service.

Even so, increasing the size of video game files can still be frustrating. Upgrading the PS5’s storage space isn’t the easiest process either, so those using Sony’s next-gen console may find some video game file sizes particularly troublesome.

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