Energy Credit Simulation: Energy Loan Simulation in Belgium

Energy saving forces, the installation of an efficient insulation system and the use of renewable energies are now crucial steps to reduce household expenses. On, make a simulation of energy loan and find the most advantageous offer, which will allow you to review your energy consumption and finally achieve savings. From simulation to obtaining financing, here’s all you need to know about the energy loan offered by online banks.

Energy Loan Simulator

Energy Loan Simulator

An energy loan comparator is an online tool that will allow you to compare the many offers available on the market. In just a few clicks, you can access all the information about the interest rates applied, the amount of capital you will receive, the cost of monthly payments and the repayment period. Once you have this data in hand, it will be easier for you to review in detail the offers you received from online banks, and use these results to negotiate an energy loan at attractive rates.

Why use our simulator?

By using our energy lending simulator, you limit the time needed to search, compare and study the credit offers offered by financial institutions and online banks. A simulation of energy loan guides you to find the formula that best suits your financial situation, the scope of your project and your repayment capabilities, while avoiding a situation of over-indebtedness.

Whether you are a tenant, owner of primary or secondary residence, or lessor owner, make your life easier with our Energy Loan Comparator. This free and effective tool will help you by calculating the total amount of your credit while guiding you to Belgian banks offering this type of financing. Thus, you can engage in sustainable development work such as the insulation of walls and glass walls, the location of a condensing boiler, and any other intervention that will serve to save energy.

How to use our simulation tool to compare energy loans?

That’s it, you’ve decided to apply for an energy loan. But above all, take a few minutes to do an energy loan simulation on our site. By doing so, you put every chance at your side to find a favorable offer, which meets your needs in terms of financing and whose monthly payments and repayment duration are calculated according to your possibilities.

With our Energy Loan Comparator, you have at your disposal predestined tabs that will guide you through all the steps of the simulation. This way, you only need to specify the type of loan you need, the amount you would like to obtain, the interest rate applied and the repayment term. As soon as you fill out the form, you start the calculation by clicking on the adapted link and you immediately get a basic answer. Of course, this is a free and non-contractual simulation that has been carried out according to your statements, aimed above all at helping you in this process and allowing you to better understand the various parameters taken into account in the context of your project. an energy loan.

What is an energy loan?

What is an energy loan?

The energy loan is granted to you to finance your work or a project of equipment which will be used to save energy. Depending on your situation, you can benefit from benefits granted by the state, such as interest rate subsidies and tax reductions.

By opting for a green loan, you improve your budget and contribute to the preservation of nature. Especially since the cost of energy continues to increase and you have the opportunity to put in place savings solutions during a renovation project of your place of residence.

Clearly, the energy loan is a form of installment loan offered to individuals who want to improve their living space in order to save money. Thus, the repayment of this loan is done with a fixed monthly amount, with a fixed interest rate determined according to the amount and duration of the energy credit. And if the minimum repayment term is 12 months, the maximum term will be calculated according to your possibilities and the total amount of credit.

Regarding the nature of the energy saving works that will be financed by the energy loan agreement, you have among others the installation of a condensing boiler, a wood boiler, a water pump. heat or a micro-cogeneration system that will serve to replace the old boiler. You can also do maintenance work on boilers, install a solar water heating system, add photovoltaic panels to transform solar energy into electrical energy, replace windows with a double glazing system, invest in geothermal energy production devices, improve the roof, wall and floor insulation system, install thermostatic valves, or simply conduct an energy audit.

How to apply for an energy loan?

How to apply for an energy loan?

After the energy loan simulation, you can apply. To do this, you will fill out the form, mentioning the details of the estimate previously established for your work, in order to obtain the duration of the credit, the amount granted and the cost of the monthly payments according to your repayment capacities.

Once you have obtained the answer in principle, you will only have to return the form with the required supporting documents that prove your identity, your marital status, your expenses, your income and your status as an owner or tenant. Once you have received your energy loan, you must review it in detail and sign it before returning it. All you have to do is wait a few days for it to be unlocked and transferred to your bank account.

With the energy loan, you have the possibility to postpone the repayment of the first monthly payment until 3 months after the release of funds if you accept an increase in the cost of the loan. What’s more, it is possible to make a partial or total refund depending on the terms of your energy loan agreement.

Why make credit online?

Why make credit online?

With online banks, the process of unlocking energy loans is easier. If before, he had to consult his banker face to face to obtain credit, and do the same in other financial institutions, today everything is done at a distance. You no longer have to move because you simply connect to the Internet via your smartphone or computer to do your research on

And as soon as you have chosen the offer that best suits your agreements, you will be directly redirected to the website of the online bank that will take care of your energy loan file. These online banks belong to stable financial groups and you have nothing to fear. Especially since your data will be treated confidentially and the process is so secure (advanced coding system, passwords and custom identifiers, etc.) that you do not have to worry about the risks of piracy on the Internet.

Tips for choosing your energy loan

Tips for choosing your energy loan

Available as a personal loan, the energy loan is granted to you to reduce the amount of your energy bill, while improving your comfort of life with renovations. This financing is also welcome to increase the heritage value of a property you are considering renting or selling.

To obtain an interesting offer, do not hesitate to use our energy lending comparator which will guide you towards the proposed formulas without any expenses of file, nor of personal contribution. In making your comparison, you will have the information concerning this loan whose amount is often between 3 000 to 75 000 euros. Because the energy loan is a simplified and flexible credit formula, you can ask to defer up to two monthly payments a year monthly withdrawals.

Other types of energy loans

Always to finance energy-saving work, you can claim different types of help. This is the case of the Energy Transition Tax Credit (ISCED), a financial aid granted by the State that will allow homeowners and tenants to benefit from a 30% tax reduction on purchases of electricity. equipment and for labor during the renovation work.

This is also the case for the zero-rate eco-loan, a zero-interest credit worth up to € 30,000, which can be combined with ISCED (income-tested). To access this form of energy loan, you must have a “work package” that corresponds to the list of eligible categories, or achieve a minimum “energy performance” predefined by a thermal design office.

To help you decide on the type of energy loan adapted to your needs and your repayment capabilities, do not hesitate to ask for advice from the info service renovation points available in Belgium. And do the same on online banking sites where you have the opportunity to interact with experienced counselors.