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Dynamic Business for Printers in the Capital – The New Indian Express

By Express press service

BHUBANESWAR: After suffering financial losses for almost two years due to the Covid pandemic, flexible press and printing operators, including graphic designers in the capital, are finally seeing an increase in business due to the elections .

The lifting of Covid restrictions in February with two elections in a row opened up opportunities to get their business back on track.

The printing press and graphic designers who were busy fulfilling orders from candidates for the panchayat elections last month are once again busy printing flex, posters, banners, push cards, leaflets and other required materials by the political parties and their candidates for the urban elections. elections.

Some of the flexible print operators actually keep their shutters open 24 hours a day and print over 10,000 to 15,000 square feet of prints per day to meet market demand.

The monthly turnover which was around Rs 1 lakh has quintupled this month, said Daitari Behera of Behera Graphics in the identification market.

He said business was even bigger during panchayat elections due to the large number of candidates from neighboring areas coming to the city with flex and poster orders.

Prices for flex printing have also been reduced by some operators due to competition in the campaign media market.

Manoj Swain of SMR Advertisers in Rasulgarh said they offer prints at a price as low as Rs 8 per square foot for bulk orders of flex and prints for campaign activities.

One of the printers in the city said that candidates spend around Rs 1 to Rs 1.2 lakh on printing campaign materials and branding their campaign vans, although most of this expenditure come from sponsorship.

Print owners also agreed that elections have always been a critical business time for them, as the entire campaign activity ecosystem is largely supported by the print and graphics industry.