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DONSENSE 3D offers high quality custom lenticular poster printing services

DONSENSE 3D is a provider of innovative, attractive and personalized printed advertising solutions, such as lenticular poster printing.

DONSENSE 3D was established in 2005 to help businesses, individuals and organizations with their various marketing and advertising requirements. Since then, this company has been creating innovative and unique advertising solutions using state-of-the-art lenticular printing technologies. The advertising and marketing solutions offered are such that help clients stand out and differentiate their offerings from their competitors. Additionally, DONSENSE 3D team members strive to provide exceptional customer service to all customers. They do their best to ensure the fastest response time to customer questions and concerns.

DONSENSE 3D spokesperson commented in an interview, “Companies and brands today need advertising and marketing solutions with which they can present their new products or services in a distinguished way. At DONSENSE 3D, we specialize in offering ready-to-use solutions that work wonders for improving brand image. We are proud to be a technologically advanced printing company that uses 5 color UV printers, environmentally friendly PET lenticular sheets, international advanced RD design software and Kodak CTP output equipment to produce lenticular prints. high quality for customer advertising needs. Based in China, we have a diverse customer base and provide services worldwide.

Lenticular printing uses lenses to create images with an illusion of depth, which is art converted into technology. 3D lenticular images and the products are not lifeless but offer unparalleled dynamism as the wearer changes the angle from which the piece is viewed. With this innovative technology, businesses and brands can now show active movies to their target audience. These marketing materials are like interactive advertisements that not only encourage the audience to engage and interact with the element of the advertisement, but also ensure lasting recall value of the product and brand.

The spokesperson, while talking about lenticular poster printing, said: “Hundreds of advertisements are pounding us in the head every day, trying to get to the part of our brain that decides to buy things. . Advertisers continue to search for unique options that could make ads worthy of leaving lasting impressions on audiences. Lately our 3D lenticular poster the print thrilled the marketing industry. Innovative 3D poster printing adds volume to a poster’s message, makes it vibrant and stands out from all traditional displays. They are widely loved and appreciated by the public.

DONSENSE 3D has a knack for providing lenticular printed advertising solutions that match customers’ business needs. For companies looking for custom 3D lenticular printing solutions, the team is happy to help. Simply book a free consultation with the DONSENSE 3D team to find the best advertising and marketing solution.


DONSENSE 3D is a popular provider of premium and unique printed advertising solutions. Along with providing amazing solutions and unparalleled customer service, this company strives to keep its customers well-informed about various things related to this field. Take, for example, one can find a well written and easy to understand blog on ghosting in the 3d printers on the company’s website.

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