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Director Rhys thomas recently talked about the series and explained why he likes to do Hawk Eye like a series rather than a movie:

“I mean, you know, it’s time to hang out with these characters and let them grow. And again, we introduce this character and you know, it’s about these guys coming together and learning them. each other and, and, yeah, and also, it’s a world you can live in a little bit longer. I don’t know. I mean, again, it’s for me, it’s just more time u know it’s always i think you fall in love with these characters when you do these things and fall in love with all the possibilities of what you know, the ways you can bore Clint and, you know , breaking them together. the trail to doing that is you’re always gonna take it. “

He then spoke about the new dynamic between him and Kate on the show, saying:

“You want her to have her own individual energy that works with Clint, so how do you create a dynamic that’s really exciting to watch? Worn and been through there. But it also shows that she has what it takes. Clint has chosen to do that. Kate is someone who feels called to that. “

The series also features Vera Farmiga as Kate’s mother, Eleanor; Fresh Fra like Kazi, which is the abbreviation of Kazimierz Kazimierczak, aka Clown; Tony Dalton is Duquesne, aka Swordsman, Alaqua cox is Echo, and Zahn McClarnon plays Kate’s father, William Lopez. Florence pugh also returns to the role of Yelena Belova from Black Widow.

The show was developed by the chief screenwriter Jonathan igla. Zero Troop directors Bert and Bertie, aka Amber Finlayson (Bert) and Katie Ellwood (Bertie), and Saturday Night Live and Fellow detective director Rhys thomas have been hired to direct some episodes of the upcoming Disney + Hawk Eye series.

Hawk Eye debuts on Disney + on November 24, and looks like it’s gonna be awesome! The series will begin with the first two episodes.

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