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Cool New Reports and Posters for Marvel’s MOON KNIGHT

The show is described as “a new globe-trotting action-adventure series featuring a complex vigilante who suffers from dissociative identity disorder. The multiple identities within him find themselves embroiled in a deadly war of gods against the backdrop of modern and ancient Egypt.”

The synopsis goes on to say that the story follows Steven Grant, “a mild-mannered gift shop clerk, who is plagued by power outages and memories from another life. Steven discovers he has a disorder dissociative of identity and shares a body with the mercenary Marc Spector.As Steven/Marc’s enemies converge on them, they must navigate their complex identities while being immersed in a deadly mystery among the mighty gods of Egypt.

The series also features Ethan Hawke as the main villain, a cult leader named Arthur Harrow. Moon Knight was created by Doug Moench and Don Perlin and appeared in the August 1975 issue Night Werewolf #32. Jeremy Slater (The Umbrella Academy) and Beau De Mayo (The originals and the witcher) writing the series. Mohamed Diab, Justin Benson, and Aaron Moorhead lead.

Moon Knight will be released on Disney+ on March 30. Check out the three posters below: