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Compact bra alternative gets luxury packaging with detailed print

Nuudii System offers on-the-go “boobwear” or a bra alternative, which gives women the choice between wearing a bra and not wearing a bra.
The Nuudiis are material free and are made of 73% nylon and 27% spandex. Since the product is compact and weighs only 1.5 oz, it is not sold or retailed like typical bras. Instead, Nuudiis are sold packaged and sealed on retail store shelves, online, and in special vending machines found in airports, spas, and other retail spaces.
Given the product’s unique form and retail goals, Annette Azan, Founder and CEO, realized the company needed to offer a package that lends itself well to where Nuudii wanted to sell. The company also wanted the packaging to have a premium feel, improved branding and printing capabilities, and a sleek look, which its original packaging lacked.
“We started with plant-based corn wrappers, but it was very simple,” says Azan. “It was not ideal. The corn packaging is a little wrinkled and may wrinkle. The bags were also unbranded, but we knew we had to take Nuudii in a different direction. Packaging was an essential part of branding as Nuudii would never be sold outside of a package or hung on a hanger in a store. The packaging we have today took a year to develop because we couldn’t find anything that would protect the product, be sealed, and allow for fine printing. We have printed a photograph and size chart on the packaging. Because Nuudii is small, we needed to be able to print small print without losing quality. We had great difficulty finding a fine print on herbal packaging. »
In March, Nuudii System launched updated biodegradable plant-based packaging, helping the company transition into desired retail channels. Australia-based Grounded Packaging supplied the sachet, which is made from sugarcane. The packaging is soft to the touch, which Azan said was important in communicating the experience users will have when putting on a Nuudii.
“It’s beautiful, soft to the touch because it’s an intimate product, isn’t it? You want all the sensory things that come with it to take place for consumers,” says Azan. “The color is not pure white, it has a milky appearance, which again, from a sensory point of view, is nothing striking. Everything looks luscious. The whole l The packaging makes you feel like it’s a bit of a luxury to have.
The packaging completely seals the product. A hole on the top of the package allows it to be hung in retail spaces and vending machines. The back of the package features detailed graphics showing women the different ways to wear the product, as well as a size chart. The brand was able to reinforce its brand image and its commitment to sustainable development thanks to the new design of the packaging.
The packaging is 100% recyclable. For each of the pouches produced, the packaging supplier Grounded is committed to removing the equivalent in weight and plastic from the oceans.
Azan adds: “On the back of the packaging we include information on how it is made from plants and recyclable.