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Comic book publishing plagued by distribution and printing problems

The comic book industry faces a surprising new threat that could potentially prolong the delay of future releases for readers around the world.

In the wake of COVID-19 and other setbacks, the entire comic book industry, including wonder and DC Comics has suffered the wrath of heavy postponements linked to highly anticipated comic book releases. With the annual comic book solicitations printed in the final quarter of 2021-2022 starting to roll out, fans may want to prepare for an extended waiting period for the chance to follow the adventures of their favorite superheroes and villains.

An inability to meet expectations has sent several comic book companies into a frenzy to meet the high demand for book publications. Among other things, concerns over COVID-19 have stalled production and created a widespread paper shortage, which has prevented a range of books from meeting their scheduled releases, across the world. The shortage of paper is only getting worse with a shortage of workers with no incentive to engage in the manual labor it takes to get stories printed and distributed. As the United States faces a shortage of printing paper, the overseas territories find themselves hampered by delays in shipping the books themselves. Several comics are generated overseas before traveling to other countries like the United States and Canada for consumption.

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The books that have been affected range from superhero trade fare to manga stories. While various new comic book and commercial paperback collections have been listed for pre-order, it is entirely possible that many books will experience delays or cancellations at worst, before the remainder of 2021 is over, according to the report. Cool bleeding. In an effort to mend barriers with its dedicated fan base, DC has sent out notifications of upcoming delays and cancellations in their release schedule which are sadly to be expected. It wasn’t until a few months after Marvel’s surprising split from regular distribution partner Diamond Comic Distributors. Penguin Random House has now become both DC and Marvel’s new outlet, which will officially go into effect for “House of Ideas” in October. The dilemma isn’t just exclusive to the Big Two of the comic book industry. While Marvel and DC remain standing, the distributor reshuffle has been a major hurdle that has left several independent comic book companies trying to keep their lights on. The show only paved the way for further delays in the comic book industry.

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Additionally, the fan-preferred format of the omnibus collections has experienced delays in its release schedule. These omnibus collections have been a major product for comic book fans in recent years, bringing together the most influential stories of a particular hero or team into one oversized hardcover collection. DC Omnibus volumes that have been affected by these delays include Batman no mans Earth, Magic books, Absolute Wonder Woman, a series of DC Poster Portfolios, and many more. Thankfully, the target reprograms for the books are currently only set for a few months, but it’s unclear how DC’s comedic contestants will fare in this alarming new landscape.

With the comic book industry gaining a new readership every day thanks to the growing number of superhero media adaptations, distributors are unlikely to slow down anytime soon. These unprecedented setbacks for the industry may have complicated matters so far, but it helps to remember that nothing lasts forever. As with their favorite outings, wonder and DC Comics fans will just have to be patient and wait for the industry to pick up some steam.

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