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CJK Group Invests in New Equipment for Sheridan Printing Plants

Sheridan’s parent company, CJK Group, has approved several new equipment acquisitions for Sheridan’s facilities, bringing even more surge capabilities to five of its nine sites.

A key reason for the investments is Sheridan’s role as a leading digital printing provider for its industries. HP Inc. facilities are planned at four sites, enhancing already robust digital platforms in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Michigan and Wisconsin. A Muller Martini facility is also planned for the Pennsylvania facility.

The Sheridan, Pennsylvania plant will install an HP T250 Series PageWide Inkjet Web Press equipped with an inline Magnum finishing line and implement an upgrade of two HP T240 Series Inkjet Web Presses PageWide in T250 format with the new T250 Core, Vision System, and DFE – all coming this fall. Additionally, a Muller Martini Infinitrim three-knife trimmer will be integrated with an existing Vareo Perfect Binding, providing the most efficient way to bind and trim ultra-short run books up to a quantity of one. This installation is planned for this summer.

The Sheridan Kentucky and Sheridan Michigan plants will each implement an HP DFE base and vision system upgrade on their HP Series PageWide web inkjet presses (HP T400 Series in Kentucky and HP T300 Series in Michigan).

The Sheridan, Wisconsin plant will expand its digital fleet with the installation of a new HP Indigo 12000 sheetfed toner press this spring.

These additions represent the most modern and productive digital platform upgrades available, with the clear expectation of achieving unparalleled productivity while increasing plant capacity to meet ever-increasing market demand.

Meeting customer and environmental sustainability requirements

Emerging customer needs based on environmental responsibility prompted the purchase of a new messaging platform for the Sheridan New Hampshire site and an upgrade to the messaging system for the Sheridan Pennsylvania facility.

Both plants serve many customers based in Europe for whom they print and mail journals and magazines. These customers will be governed by the new European Union directive prohibiting the use of single-use plastic products, which includes the polythene bags that typically serve as the shipping vehicle for publications. Many US customers are also adopting this initiative as part of their sustainability and environmental responsibility programs. CJK Group’s commitment to sustainability solidified the approval of a new Sitma WM1150 Paper-Poly Mailing System for the Sheridan, New Hampshire plant and the addition of a Sitma Paper Kit module 750 Speed ​​Cut for the existing Sitma mail line in Sheridan PA.

Paul Loy, Sheridan’s Vice President of Operations, said, “We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have the support and strategic investments that our parent company CJK Group continues to provide. At all Sheridan locations, our employees look forward to maximizing those trusts, knowing that our ability to successfully serve our markets and hone our skills only increases.

Chris Kurtzman, CJK Group CEO, added, “The productivity and efficiency of these plants continue to amaze me and make it easy to invest in new equipment and technology for Sheridan’s facilities. The right equipment, the right people, and Sheridan’s unwavering attention to quality and customer service remain hallmarks of the industry.

Source: CJC Group

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