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Check out three new posters inspired by The Wizard of Oz

Illustration: Jennifer Dionisio for Mondo

One of Hollywood’s most enduring stars, Judy Garland would have turned 100 on June 10. To celebrate this milestone, memorabilia company Mondo is releasing three posters inspired by Garland’s most beloved film, The Wizard of Oz. The audiovisual club received an exclusive first look at the designs, which will go on sale June 9.

Artist Jennifer Dionisio has created her own regular and variant editions Wizard of Oz tribute, starring Garland as iconic heroine Dorothy Gale. Dionisio has already developed images for Jack White’s fear of dawnthe release of Humphrey Bogart’s film by Criterion Collection High Sierraand a Mondo print paying homage to Marvel Wanda Vision.

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Irish artist Alan Hynes, who created Mondo prints for John Carpenter’s film They live and its soundtrack for Halloween III: Season of the Witchalso designed a Wizard of Oz poster capturing a stylized version of the landscape of Oz.

Check out the Dionosio posters below:

Illustration: Jennifer Dionisio for Mondo

Illustration: Jennifer Dionisio for Mondo

Illustration: Jennifer Dionisio for Mondo

Illustration: Jennifer Dionisio for Mondo

Dionisio explained his inspiration for the posters, telling The AV Club:

I’m a big fan of Judy Garland and was very excited to work on these posters to celebrate her 100th birthday. As a child I watched The Wizard of Oz so many times. I was captivated by the sets, the color and all the characters. Since the film is so iconic, it was a perfect opportunity to deviate from some of the well-known visuals and focus on Dorothy.

For my portrait poster, Dorothy’s pose and composition are inspired by early 20th century illustrated advertising posters. Plus, I read about the production and really enjoyed finding out how much Judy cared about the dog that played Toto. I feel like you can see that so clearly in the film, and I wanted to capture that sweet relationship.

For my landscape poster, I thought about how many of the characters in the movie are looking for something they feel is missing. “Over The Rainbow” is an ode to desire, and many people have pointed out parallels between The Wizard of Oz and Judy’s own story. So in this composition, I revolved around these themes of loss and inner reflection.

These posters were so rewarding to make. I hope I managed to celebrate Judy as she deserves.

Here’s a preview of Hynes’ poster:

Illustration: Alan Hynes for Mondo

Illustration: Alan Hynes for Mondo

Hynes said of his design:

The genesis of this idea occurred while exploring title treatments for the deluxe edition of the Wizard of Oz the soundtrack packaging I was working on. In retrospect, this design probably should have been the cover for this LP set, but I had already taken a different route with this project, so instead the basic elements morphed and expanded into a full-size poster, becoming more and more complicated along the way.

Since 1939, when it was released, there have been a multitude of typographical variations on the treatment of this film’s title, most emphasizing the word Oz. To be honest, I was quite surprised not to find this particular two-letter configuration that had previously been used to represent the film – a pictorial combination of two of the most iconic symbols in history.

An exaggerated rainbow semicircle forms the letter O, and flanked by ominous rows of poppies, dense forest and distant mountains illustrating the perilous journey, a stylized letter Z rises on its winding path to the emerald city. Tornadoes blooming across the colorful bands of the rainbow add movement and life to an otherwise fairly static image while a drought cracked foreground signals the start of the adventure in the sky. Dust Bowl era in Kansas.

The three posters will be available on