Card Counter Posters & Clips Tease Deadly Poker Game


Paul schraderthe most recent film by, The card counter, released a new set of music videos along with character posters and wow, do we want them on a set of playing cards. The new posters feature the film’s three main roles, played by Oscar isaac, Tiffany haddish, and Tye Sheridan, respectively, favoring time, Martin scorsese-Thriller produced ahead of its September 10 release.

Captioned “reap what you sow”, the three posters show our stoic leads in front of the three most important figures in a card game: a king for Isaac, playing the titular card counter and former military interrogator William Tell; a queen for Haddish, as Tell’s mysterious backer, La Linda, and a jack for Sheridan, playing Tell’s friend, Cirk. The cards drip what looks like blood behind them, betraying the grim nature of the game world these characters find themselves in. the film teases the interpersonal relationship between the trio, including a scene where Tell, La Linda, and Cirk sit around a table and discuss Tell’s habit of playing poker, as well as a more emotional monologue from Tell as he sits in what appears to be a prison.


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Schrader’s first film since Ethan hawke-LED First reformed, The card counter follows Isaac’s Tell as he becomes embroiled in a plot to get revenge on a former military superior, played by Willem Dafoe. But, with his past threatening to break free and ruin everything he’s worked for – including his relationship with La Linda – Tell must fight against time to complete his mission with Cirk, or risk losing everything he does. he knows and loves.

The card counter premiered at the Venice Film Festival on September 2, making it the second of Isaac’s upcoming films to premiere at the festival. (Dune is also expected to debut in the out-of-competition category, while The card counter screens in competition.) Executive produced by Scorsese, Guillaume Olsson, Lee broda, Ruben Islas, and Stanley preschutti, the film is sure to be an electric and thrilling ride worthy of the cinematic intensity of the Schrader brand.

The card counter is written and directed by Schrader and premieres in theaters around the world on September 10. Check out the all new posters and clips below:




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