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Canon India Launches Innovative Products in Professional Printing Segment – India Education | Latest Education News | Global educational news

New Delhi: Reinforcing its commitment to lead through innovation and deliver seamless experiences to its customers, Canon India, a leading digital imaging organization, announced a new product line in the imagePRESS and imagePROGRAF series. The new imagePRESS C10010VP, imagePRESS C9010VP, imagePROGRAF TZ 5300 and imagePROGRAF TX 5410 are now available in all Indian markets.

Built on a proven and reliable technology platform with improved automation and expanded media handling capabilities, the imagePRESS C10010VP / C9010VP sets new standards for productivity, application diversity and quality. It is designed to support various printing operations in various commercial production environments. Equipped to support a variety of synthetic media types, the imagePRESS C10010VP / C9010VP series offers print vendors the ability to expand their offerings in the marketplace, producing value-added deliverables, such as brochures, business cards, tour, signage and restaurant menus.

The new imagePROGRAF TZ 5300 delivers industry-leading fast first print performance in just 21 seconds and a fast return from sleep mode in 32 seconds, ensuring secure printing and high productivity. Available as a single-function and multi-function option, the all-new 5-color printing console body comes with a dual roller that supports continuous printing. The top delivery tray allows for a space-saving installation and meets the on-demand and higher print frequency requirements of the CAD and GIS production markets.

The imagePROGRAF TX 5410 is equipped with core technologies such as the L-COA PRO processor, a high-precision mechanical platform, 5-color LUCIA TD all-pigment ink and a thin printhead. The 44-inch printer is designed for businesses that demand advanced productivity, reliable quality, and a streamlined workflow. With dual-roll feed and impressive media handling capabilities, the TX-5410 is ideal for printing CAD drawings and posters.

Mr. Manabu Yamazaki, President and CEO of Canon India, said, “The pandemic has caused disruption in the digital printing space, causing a significant shift in customer needs and demands, as they look forward to advanced digital printing products which can offer them more agility and efficiency. As a leading player in the industry, our primary objective is to create customer satisfaction by offering our customers products that are perfectly suited to their ever-changing needs. With the introduction of our new products, we aim to help our customers with – improved productivity backed by patented technologies, higher revenues with improved color consistency, advanced media versatility and customer support.

Speaking about new products and the evolved market affected by the pandemic, Mr. Puneet Datta, Senior Director of Canon India, said, “In this COVID era, every customer wants the maximum return and security on any investment. One way to do this is to buy newly launched products that ensure the latest innovations and technologies in their printing environment. With this in mind, we have launched products in the area of ​​narrow (imagePRESS) and wide (imagePROGRAF) formats. These printers are full of 3H innovations for customers that provide them with higher quality, higher speeds and higher reliability.

At Canon India, we strongly believe in driving product innovations that can provide businesses with a printing environment that continues to provide reliable output throughout the product lifecycle. In keeping with our approach, the newly launched products in the imagePRESS and imagePROGRAF series are designed to meet customer demands and intended to uplift the overall landscape of the digital printing industry.

Main features of the imagePRESS C10010VP series

Higher revenue with flexible media versatility: With support for 400g / m² paper and 330 x 762mm automatic two-sided printing, Canon C10010VP delivers skyrocketing revenue with its color consistency and to its improved media versatility.

Productivity and consistency with exceptional print quality: The iPR C10010VP series is equipped with innovative technologies that will ensure more prints in the long run. The printer comes with a resolution of 2400 x 2400 dpi allowing even higher and excellent accuracy in printing text and images. It will ensure top quality from first to last print without compromising productivity. The latest FS 400 Pro Fiery platform for job and color management will also provide real-time color calibration to ensure consistent quality.

Low Power Consumption & Increased Uptime: With 5kW for the main unit and POD & Saddle Finisher, the iPR C10010VP Series is committed to providing you with lower power consumption and maximum uptime.

Main features of the imagePROGRAF TZ 5300

Fast printing speed: Dual carriage motors ensure maximum productivity on the TZ series. With optimized print data processing, pre-printing operation and print spooling, the TZ series achieved fast throughput during continuous printing (up to 4 pages per minute for A1 sheets) and a fast first print from sleep or standby mode (as fast as 19 seconds).

Productivity at its peak: The dual-roll feed unit allows users to load up to two rolls of media, reducing the frequency of switching between different types or sizes of media when printing at high volume. Top stacking tray supports stacking of up to 100 A0 size sheets, while hot-swapping allows for empty ink tanks and roll media to be replaced while the printer continues to print , thus optimizing productivity.

Simplified media management: Automatic media loading and automatic media type detection made it easy to load and replace media in a single step of simply “just placing the roll and dragging” into the printer . The Roll Paper Indicator allows the user to remotely check whether a roll is loaded, the approximate length of media remaining, and the time required to change the roll. The remaining roll length is displayed on the control panel and an alert will be sent when there is not enough media to complete the print job.

Borderless Printing: Borderless printing on standard and custom sizes for all supported media. With additional features like three-sided edge-to-edge printing, the TZ series can easily handle any poster printing job.

Unparalleled Security: Print jobs and data are encrypted and transmitted via a secure protocol throughout the printing process. Secure erasure of files and disks, restricting user access, and restricting printer functionality further prevent information leaks and other security risks for unmatched security.

Main features of imagePROGRAF TX 5410

Fast Print Speed: The imagePROGRAF TX 5410 provides faster output during continuous printing by optimizing print data pre-processing, the media cutting process, and media transport. The pre-print operation and print spooling have been optimized to achieve a faster first print from sleep or sleep mode.

Productivity at its peak: The dual-roll feed unit allows users to load up to two rolls of media, reducing the frequency of switching between different types or sizes of media when printing at high volume. The optional stacker allows stacking of up to 100 A0 size sheets, while the secondary ink tank system allows you to replace empty ink tanks while the printer continues printing, maximizing efficiency. productivity.

Unparalleled print quality and LUCIA TD pigment ink: The imagePROGRAF TX 5410 features LUCIA TD five-color pigment inks to deliver crisp, fine lines and edge-to-edge color with remarkably reduced bleeding, even on uncoated papers. LUCIA TD inks offer high resistance to water and weathering.

Borderless printing: Borderless printing on standard and custom sizes is now possible for all supported media. The printer is also capable of printing edge to edge on three sides on various sizes that do not match the width of the roll paper. This allows more flexibility in the borderless printing job compared to standard borderless printing on four sides.

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