Call of Duty Zombies Fan Shares Map Posters Inspired by Classic Horror Movies

An avid Call of Duty zombie fan shares some of their mash-ups that combine the series’ horde mode with famous horror movies.

Call of Duty Shi No Numa

Zombies mode in Call of Duty: Vanguard may have disappointed longtime fans of the series, but interest in Call of DutyThe base horde mode hasn’t gone down yet. With ten entries in the franchise offering some evolution of the concept originally implemented by Treyarch in 2008 Call of Duty World at War, undead diehards are back Call of Duty‘s inherited titles to satiate their hunger. Reddit user u/Zomboy716 commemorates this by converting the classic Shi No Numa card into a horror movie poster.


Inspired by the 2013 James Wan film Conspiracy,u/Zomboy716 marries the haunting imagery of the film’s poster with the iconic and eerie setting of Shi No Numa’s abandoned swamp outpost. The source material highlights an evil-looking gallows tree, and this Zombies superfan has cleverly combined that with the grizzly fate of Peter McCain, the man who can be seen hanging from a rafter in the starting room. by Shi No Numa.

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The tagline swaps Ed and Lorraine Warren from Conspiracy universe for Edward Richtoften, the man most responsible for advancing the narrative of Call of DutyZombie mode. The credits also mention everyone from game characters like Nicholai Belinski and Tank Dempsey to top developers like Craig Houston and Jimmy Zielinski alongside Kevin Sherwood and Elena Siegman, the musicians responsible for the mode’s many epic metal tracks.

While Shi No Numa is the artist’s latest creation, they have produced other posters celebrating Call of DutyZombie mode. From Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War maps Die Maschine and The Forsaken to classic fan favorites like Call of the Dead, they’ve borrowed from other famous movie posters to create some truly awesome artwork that all horror fans will love. Tribute to both beloved and offbeat horror movies like The thing and shockthese renders represent the exact type of pop culture mashups that fans would love to hang on their walls.

Shi No Numa may seem like an odd choice to some given his age, but those who haven’t played yet Call of Duty: VanguardPerhaps Unaware’s controversial Zombies mode a small portion of the map has made a return as part of Der Anfang. The narrative implications of this are not yet fully understood, but the inclusion of a Call of Duty World at War the map may have helped bridge the gap between older games and the radically different approach to gameplay taken in Call of Duty: Vanguard.

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Source: Deviantart ZomboyProductionz

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