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Backward compatibility with SDUC (SD cards 4 TB and above)


I can’t be the only one who needs more than a terabyte in a laptop, but I don’t want to pay Apple’s obscene storage prices.

Now that the Macbook Pros have SD card slots again, there’s a solution: You can double 1TB MBP storage with a micro-SD card and flush-mounted adapter ($ 140 + $ 25) for less than half. the cost of the same upgrade from Apple ($ 400).

It’s obviously not as fast as internal storage, and you can’t use this slot for anything else while the card is installed, but those are two acceptable tradeoffs for me.

2TB is enough for me now, but if my needs increase in the future, I can swap the micro-SD for the next available sizes.

Or not? Because the SDXC standard supports cards from 64 GB to 2 TB, which does not exceed a size, beyond which any SD card would be of the new SDUC standard.

Many devices prior to the SDHC to SDXC transition did not work with cards larger than 32 GB. I remember finding this out the hard way with my Samsung Galaxy S. But I think I used 64 GB cards in my Macbook Pro 2009 and a Panasonic camera from 2007? Apple’s support document even states that SDXC cards will work on any Mac with an SD card slot, although they may need to be reformatted before use. They also don’t work in Bootcamp unless the Mac is 2011 or later (that’s the year after the first 64 GB SD card was sold).

Can you see such limitations affecting SDUC cards in current Macbook Pros? Or is it worth buying one hoping that it will be able to read and write to a 4TB (or 8TB, etc.) SD card when such a thing hits the market?