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Assam police arrest counterfeit currency printing racket, detainee

Guwahati: Assam police on Friday seized a counterfeit Indian banknote (FICN) printing machine, along with counterfeit banknotes, from a rented house in Jyotinagar district of Guwahati, and arrested a woman in connection therewith. .

Acting on a tip, Chandmari police raided the home of the accused Usha Barman (36) and seized the FICN printing machine, counterfeit banknotes in addition to other materials used to make counterfeit banknotes. bank in his possession.

It is suspected that Barman is just the tip of the iceberg and that a much bigger racket is involved in the printing and circulation of counterfeit bills.

The accused also worked in a beauty salon in the Zoo Road area of ​​the city.

Talk with IsMojo, Additional Deputy Police Commissioner, Central Range, Guwahati Pallav Tamuli said: “We have arrested a female Usha Barman and seized a FICN printing machine and counterfeit banknotes in her possession. Our officials are still counting counterfeit money. The investigation is ongoing and legal proceedings will be initiated against the accused.

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