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Arlington International Film Festival Announces Poster Design Winner

The Arlington International Film Festival awarded Elena Mathis, a student at the Mass College of Art in Boston, the design of the winning 2021 poster with “the hint of peace” – a prize of $ 500 which aims to help a student advance their art studies.

Mathis’ design creates a strong bond with the viewer as the bird takes center stage, making direct eye contact and its spread feathers herald the Arlington International Film Festival. He carries an olive branch in his talons as an ambassador of peace. Mathis says of its design, “My poster was inspired by the theme of documentaries, in particular, nature documentaries about birds with silly courtship dances that always seem to like to show off on camera.”

Poster submissions are evaluated by a jury specializing in composition, design, public relations and marketing and evaluated on visual appeal, content and market value.

“The design has great color and great energy, the AIFF text is strong and will be very readable from a distance, and the allusion to ‘peace’ (the olive branch) is important right now,” said the Judge David Ardito.

“It’s so different from the designs of previous years,” said judge Vicky Rodriguez. “I love the bird’s mischievous, self-confident gaze, and the way it looks directly at the viewer. Overall, it’s humorous and wonderful in its simplicity: bird, cameras, spectators. The color scheme is unusual and eye-catching. As a poster design, it’s perfect: the image directs the focus directly to the center, on the already embedded title text.

With the creation of the AIFF in 2010, the Poster Competition was the first project to create a link between film and the arts. This year’s competition is offered exclusively to Professor Robert Maloney’s illustration class at the Mass College of Art & Design. The selected poster design appears around the world in various forms; i.e. print media, television, international film billboards, web promotions and invites the global community to open dialogue through independent films.

The Arlington International Film Festival will take place November 4-14. For information, visit

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