Are popcorn sizes a scam? Cinema employee’s TikTok goes viral


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Between the price of tickets and the price of food, going to the movies is enough to clean a person financially. To make matters worse, it looks like moviegoers around the world got ripped off at the concession stand. At least according to a new TikTok video.

An employee at the movie theater concession stand, known as @ ThatCoolGuy2559 on TikTok, shared little-known movie theater tips, tricks, and facts on the app.

Recently he revealed a huge secret about movie theater popcorn sizes: Junior size and Medium size are about exactly the same, the stand just costs more.

In the clip, @ ThatCoolGuy2559 plays an exchange between a customer and an employee at a dealership booth. The “customer” orders a junior-sized popcorn, then changes their mind and orders a medium instead. The initial total is $ 7.35. When the alleged customer changes their mind, the employee pours the small popcorn into a medium bucket, filling it almost completely. The total is then $ 8.44.

“Can I just have the junior? You’re going to try to rip me off,” the customer jokes in the video.

The video is captioned: “If you’re at the movies, just give a little or a big no in between.” It has been viewed over 8.4 million times at the time of writing. Unsurprisingly, the comments section is full of shocked moviegoers.

“Just because it’s a fucking hardcover,” one TikToker wrote in the comments.

“I feel like it should be illegal. If I pay for a size larger, I should pay for a size larger,” added another commenter.

“It’s the same with McDonald’s cups. That’s why they all cost $ 1, they have the same volume, but the medium and large are narrower,” wrote a third TikTok user.

However, not everyone was convinced, prompting the dealer to make a second video to prove their point. Sure, the average bucket isn’t overflowing with popcorn, but the difference is really minimal.

On average, a small popcorn at the movies costs between $ 6.09 and $ 7.09, depending on movie theater prices. A support costs from $ 7.10 to $ 8.09 and a wide range from $ 8.10 to $ 9.09. There’s no major price difference, but if you’re spending that much on a snack that’s going to disappear before the previews, you should be getting your money’s worth.

May this serve as a lesson to you. When it comes to movie snacks, go big or go home.

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