Animal Castle #1 Sells, ABLAZE Plans 2nd Printing


animal castle turned out to be a surprise hit for publisher ABLAZE – 1st issue sold out and heading for a 2n/a impression. The Writer’s European Series Xavier Dorisson and artist Felix To delete is a political satire that riffs on george orwell‘s Animal Farm about an animal rebellion that sets up a new system of governance only for tensions between different animal factions to lead to more conflict. Bothn/a Animal Castle #1 print will be released on January 12e, 2022. ABLAZE recommends retailers contact their Diamond Account Representative and place a new order to ensure they don’t miss anything. Both books will pass the order deadline on Monday, December 13.

Blanket Animal Castle #1, ABLAZE

ANIMAL CASTLEthrough Xavier Dorisson & Felix Delep Number 1 ·

MSRP: $3.99

At the Farm, all animals were equal. But at the Château, some are more equal than others.

Nestled in the heart of a farm forgotten by men, the Castle of Animals is ruled with an iron shoe by President Silvio. The bull and his canine militia savor their power, while the other animals are exhausted from work until the arrival of the mysterious Azelard, a traveling rat who will teach them the secrets of civil disobedience.

Animal Castle #1 Sells, ABLAZE Plans 2nd Printing
Blanket Animal Castle #2, ABLAZE

ANIMAL CASTLE Number 2, by Xavier Dorisson & Felix Delep

MSRP: $3.99 Release date: January 12, 2022

After witnessing the deaths of animals she knew as friends for seemingly nothing, Miss B. becomes a conflicted cat. Things get further complicated when questions are raised about the state of the farm, prompting severe retaliation from President Silvio’s dogs. Miss B. must be wondering which is worse: doing something that can cost your life or doing nothing at all? For fans of the best-selling Stray Dogs and the Eisner Award-winning Beasts of Burden, here’s a familiar yet surprising animal fable! You may think you know the story, but set aside your assumptions; this animal uprising is unlike any you have read!

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