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Andor Character Posters Spotlight on Bix Caleen, Syril Karn, and Maarva Andor

The Rebellion started on Disney+. The last series of star wars franchise, Andorfocusing on the origin of Diego Lunathe character of A thug, had its explosive three-episode premiere on the streamer last week. In anticipation of the next episode, character posters have been released for three new characters that fans got to meet during the premiere.

The first poster features an ally of Cassian Andor de Luna, Bix Caleen played by Adria Arjona (Morbius, real detective). Bix Caleen owns a junkyard on Ferrix, a new planet in the star wars universe. She is quickly seen as loyal to Andor, as she uses her off-world connections to contact Stellan Skarsgardit is Luther Rael who helps Andor when he finds himself in boiling water. Her character poster shows her chest up, surrounded by red smoke, looking up at Star Wars’ iconic X-Wings fly overhead behind her.


The next poster focuses on someone who seems to become the villain of the series, Syril Karn played by Kyle Soller (Poldark). Syril Karn is an assistant inspector with the Pre-Mor Authority Safety Inspection Team, a new addition to the star wars canon which is essentially a corporate conglomerate affiliated with the Galactic Empire. Syril Karn is an ambitious young officer dedicated to his job who finds himself on the trail of Andor after killing two officers while searching for his long-lost sister. Karn’s poster is stylistically the same as Bix Caleen’s with the red smoke and X-Wings flying overhead. However, in this poster, he stares straight ahead with a cold gaze directed directly at the viewer.

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The third and final poster released honors Maarva Andor embodied by Fiona Shaw (Harry Potter at the Sorcerer’s Stone). Maarva Andor is the adoptive mother of Cassian Andor. As revealed in the series’ flashbacks, Cassian was living in a jungle children’s village on a remote planet when a ship crashed. Cassian then snuck onto the ship where he was found by Maarva and her husband when they showed up to retrieve some parts. They took him off-world to protect him from dangerous people who would come looking for the crashed ship. She is also shown disapproving of adult Cassian’s reckless behavior, but she tries her best to protect her adopted son when the authorities come looking for him. Her poster is again stylistically the same as the previous two, but the image of her is from flashbacks rather than the main timeline.

AndorThe cast of includes both new and old faces from star wars universe with Luna, Whitaker Forestand Genevieve O’Reilly reprising the roles they played in previous projects. The new cast includes Arjona, Skarsgård, Soller, Shaw, Anton Valensi, Alex Ferms, and Denise Gough. The series is created and broadcast by Tony Gilroy who has already written A thug and other movies like The Bourne Identity and its sequels.

The first three episodes of Andor are streaming now with new episodes every Wednesday on Disney+. Discover the new character wall art and trailer for the series below: