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Andor Character Posters Highlight Key Rebellion Figures

There were a lot of exciting things shown at D23 last weekend. On the star wars side of the galaxy, the focus was on the hype of Andor. The prequel series focused on the origins of the rebellion and Diego LunaCassian Andor received his final trailer at the Disney-centric event ahead of its September 21 premiere on Disney+. Now, Lucasfilm has released new character posters that highlight some of the most important figures in the galaxy’s legendary revolution.

The three posters feature Luna’s Andor, Stellan Skarsgardis Luther Rael, and Genevieve O’ReillyThis is Mon Mothma. They’re all set against a hazy reddish background that’s aesthetically similar to the design of one of the series’ main set posters. This fiery color palette is quite striking and promises a different kind of star wars story. These posters are reminiscent of real-world war propaganda imagery, which is appropriate given the disastrous time period and setting. When A thug came out in 2016, it showed us another side of the universe that we really hadn’t experienced before. A closer look at the “War” part of the series title. While the action was amazing, the most memorable part of the film was that it implanted the fascinating idea that the hands of the rebellion weren’t as clean and noble as we thought. At the center of it was Cassian Andor’s moral dullness that Luna played perfectly, and he was one of the strengths of A thug.


of marketing, Andor it feels like it takes all the political intrigue and darkness that made A thug so mesmerizing and pushing that grittier tone even further into the street-level chaos. In times of war, there are questionable choices that even the best-intentioned people must make for the greater good. Andor will explore this cost while our title “hero” teams up with “allies” like Luthen Rael who knows little about Andor’s past. It’ll be interesting to see where each of the new characters fall in spoils of war, but this series also gives us a new perspective on pre-existing characters like Mon Mothma. O’Reilly played the character for nearly two decades now appearing in Revenge of the Sith, A thugand Star Wars: Rebels. Revisiting this iconic character only adds to the intrigue of this series.

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Andor promises to be this anxiously epic 12-episode spy thriller unlike anything we’ve seen in-universe before with these new posters only further teasing the dark side of the rebellion. The star wars shows on Disney+ have been hit or miss so far, but Andor seems like the bona fide hit the franchise hasn’t seen since The Mandalorian. While we wait Andorfrom the three-episode premiere on September 21, you can see the new character posters below.