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AM-2022 aims to launch 3D printing startups in India, revolutionizing manufacturing

Machine Maker speaks with Dr. L. Jyothish Kumar, Organizing Committee, ASMI as he discusses the 11th AM International Conference 2022. They want to hold master seminars on boosting business with 3D printing technology and promote additive manufacturing in India. ASMI is urging Indian producers to attend the conference, which will feature keynotes from industry experts.

The Additive Manufacturing Society of India (AMSI) is a professional organization that promotes 3D printing and additive manufacturing technologies. AMSI assists design, development, research organisations, industry professionals and academics in the fields of 3D printing, additive manufacturing and related technologies. In 2009 AMSI held its first international conference in Bangalore, India. At their first conference, they discussed rapid prototyping and manufacturing technology. AMSI has since held an annual conference to explore additive manufacturing technologies, rapid prototyping and 3D printing. AMSI is a prominent promoter of 3D printing and additive manufacturing technology, with an extensive network and MOUs with global additive manufacturing organizations.

The event is structured by a coalition of well-known and recognized trade groups including the Additive Manufacturing Society of India (AMSI) and other national and international trade organizations. The annual “AM 2022” conference focuses on advanced manufacturing technologies and applications. This year will mark the 11th International Conference on “Additive Manufacturing Technologies” in Bangalore, India. The Additive Manufacturing Defense – Aerospace – Automotive Summit focuses on knowledge transfer and networking on a global scale, in addition to providing a platform for experts active in additive manufacturing technologies to network and share their expertise. Discussions would cover the topics of additive layer technology, 3D printing development and additive manufacturing for automotive, defence, aerospace and biomedical applications.

L. Jyothish Kumar

Leading global experts in the field will deliver keynote addresses at AM 2022, as well as a poster session and vendor forum. In a concurrent technology fair, CAD/CAE solutions and additive manufacturing technology materials are among the technologies on display. AM 2022 is expected to attract a crowd of additive manufacturing technology experts, academics and R&D companies from around the world. The event will highlight solutions from the defense, aerospace, automotive, medical and dental, electronics, consumer goods and jewelry sectors.

Machine Maker interviewed Dr. L. Jyothish Kumar, Organizing Committee, AMSI regarding the 11th International Conference on Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing Technologies. When it comes to additive manufacturing, India has a promising future. “There have been a lot of improvements in metal 3D printing technology,” says Dr. Kumar while discussing the rise of India’s manufacturing industry. AM 2022 establishes a platform to show off the additive manufacturing technology that India is developing. “Every year there is a 40-50% increase in the adoption of AM technology in India,” comments Dr. Kumar regarding the growth of the conference.

The Indian government is encouraging manufacturers to use 3D printing technologies and has developed a national strategy in conjunction with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. According to Dr. Kumar, there is a lot of faith in promoting 3D printing technology as part of Industry 4.0. The conference will include a symposium on 3D printing start-ups and business potential, which will be a distinctive feature of AM-2022. They will provide start-up assistance, technical support and funding opportunities available from the government.

In partnership with a German company called EOS which is a training platform, AMSI’s 11th international conference, AM 2022, will also include a masterclass on building a business case for 3D printing applications. There will also be a session on biomedical applications of 3D printing technology. “It’s a complete package, even for all participants,” says Dr. Kumar, encouraging everyone to experience AMSI’s 11th AMSI International Conference AM-2022.