A creative mix of black and white movie posters featuring 1980s post-punk artists

Post-punk cult classics in black and white by the incredibly talented artist Butcher Billy creatively combines classic movie poster design with 1980s post-punk band artists and their song lyrics.

This is my latest art series project in which I mix black and white cult movie classics from famous directors with post-punk bands, singers and 80s songs that may or may not fit together. be inspired by it.

Examples include Robert Smith of The Cure on the David Lynch poster eraser head with the lyrics of “Friday I’m in Love”, David Gahan by Depeche Mode on the Charlie Chaplin movie poster The homeless man with lyrics by “Enjoy the silence”and Debbie Harry of Blondie and Pierre Murphy of the Bauhaus on the poster of Bela Lugosi’s film Dracula with a quote from bram stoker in letters below.

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