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6 Creative Examples of Flyer and Poster Design in India

Discover the flyers and posters designed by member agencies of AFAQS! market for brands and businesses across India

Even in the digital age, businesses of various types still rely on printed goods. The relevance and benefits of using printed products such as flyers, brochures and posters cannot be compromised.

Prospectus- A leaflet is also called leaflets, leaflets or flyers. This is printed on an A4 size paper. Flyers are used to promote existing and upcoming products and services in a small area, in most cases. The design should be attractive and the text used in a flyer should be eye-catching. Black and white flyers are inexpensive to create and reproduce.

Posters- Posters are large prints that are displayed where people can see them easily. The posters are used on roadside walls, lampposts and community bulletin boards, and they come with large typography and eye-catching visuals. Poster sizes may vary. Using bright hues and large fonts is a must in posters as viewers will be looking at them from afar in most cases.

Although flyers and posters are distributed for similar purposes by small and large businesses, they may differ in size, location, exposure, and printed material. Flyers and posters have remained one of the most popular forms of print advertising for over two hundred years now. Their one-page format makes them easy to design, adaptable by audiences, and cost-effective.

Print advertising agencies can help you create unique design templates for flyers and posters, tailored to the needs of your marketing strategy. Here we have listed some of the best flyer and poster designs from print advertising agencies.